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Public Ministry has served more than 48 thousand people in street days

In the most recent day, held in the Generalísimo Francisco de Miranda Park, 400 people were attended to for a total of 5.000 complaints of a criminal nature throughout the country.

The Attorney General of the Republic, Tarek William Saab, reported that a total of 48.108 people have been assisted nationwide through the programs The Public Ministry Goes to Your Community and The Public Ministry Attends Your Complaint in the Parish, according to a note from press published in the prosecutor's account X.

During the statements offered from the Generalísimo Francisco de Miranda Park, in the Sucre municipality of Miranda state (Greater Caracas), the head of the criminal action highlighted the deployment of 105 officials ready to serve the public in a new day of the Public Ministry Goes to Your Community.

This program includes receiving complaints and offering free legal guidance.

On June 6, held in the Generalísimo Francisco de Miranda Park, a total of 400 people were attended to for a total of 5.000 complaints of a criminal nature throughout the national territory.

Among them, the most common were disturbances, invasions, misappropriations, scams, injuries and theft.

On the other hand, they also offered 214 legal guidelines, of which 97 were not criminal in nature, 52 were references to other organizations and 65 referred to neighborhood coexistence problems. Of those attending, 31 requested the expediting of the cases and 35 requested legal assistance.

"I want to highlight that these guidelines are obviously of a legal nature, in a purposeful way they are guided what to do, what instance to go to in case it is not a crime that is criminal in nature but that needs the attention of the Public Ministry," explained the Attorney General.

Among the officials deployed for the activity were general directors, line directors, prosecutors and the Superior Prosecutor of the Caracas Metropolitan Area (AMC).

"See the importance of street activities, these users served had not previously gone to a tax office, they find out that the Public Ministry is going to be installed in a square or a park and immediately, as you can see, they arrive and that acceptance advances of the complaint,” Saab explained.

Environmental matter

Saab took the opportunity to give a small assessment within the framework of World Environment Day, which is celebrated every June 5.

"To date, from January to June, these first 6 months of the year, we have carried out 131 environmental training activities related to environmental crimes and conservation of natural resources, responsible ownership of pets, animal abuse, rational use of water , climate change and drafting of police actions and reports,” said Saab.

These activities have been carried out by the Directorate of Comprehensive Defense of the Environment and Environmental Crime, attached to the General Directorate of Protection of Human Rights.

Various days

Likewise, 84 sessions were held, of which 65 were medical-veterinary care; a day of solid waste collection on beaches; six days of reforestation and 12 days of recycling in which 4.978,75 kilograms of paper were collected.

This figure translates into the saving of 48 trees and a saving of 46.000 liters of water.

“We have achieved impressive days in remote places within our country, including the Delta, Amazonas, etc. Likewise with the parallel action and at the same time the unitary action of the Ministry of Popular Power for Ecosocialism, and obviously with the missions or foundations such as the Nevado Mission or others,” stated the president of the Republican Moral Council.

The head of the criminal action explained to those present that said directorate has 30 prosecutor's offices specialized in defense and action against environmental crimes, distributed throughout the territory; of which 5 are National Prosecutor's Offices that act before the commission of punishable acts linked to the degradation or damage to our environment.

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