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Public Ministry has served more than 45 thousand people in street days

As part of the balance of attention on special days, the Attorney General highlighted that they have received 4.818 criminal complaints.

Through the days on the street of the programs The Public Ministry goes to your Community and The Public Ministry Attends to your Complaint in the Parish A total of 45.150 people have been treatedAttorney General Tarek William Saab reported this Wednesday from a new conference held in Parque Carabobo, Caracas.

“Of this total, I want to highlight that 4.818 criminal complaints have been received, which probably would not have been processed if the Public Ministry had not gone out to look for them,” he stated.

Saab said that on Wednesday around 500 people had been attended to by midday.

“104 complaints have been received, we have given 239 guidelines and we have expedited 90 cases,” he said, while pointing out that today's event includes care through the Public Ministry's Attend Your Pet program through Misión Nevado. .

Likewise, he noted that they had the support of other institutions and entities such as the National Institute of Land Traffic (INTT), and the Administrative Service for Identification, Migration and Immigration (Saime).

In this sense, he detailed that during the day 21 driver's license issuance procedures were carried out, as well as renewals during the day through the INTT; as well as identification processing for 20 people and orientation through the Saime team.

On the other hand, during the day, comprehensive medical care was offered to 40 people and medication was delivered, indicated the Attorney General.

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