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Ministry of Health stimulates scientific interest in young people

To strengthen the National Public Health System, they invite high school graduates to register in the SNI and train in academic programs in the area

With the aim of strengthening the National Public Health System (SPNS), the ministry of that portfolio promotes young people's access to higher education in the area of ​​sciences and health.

In this sense, it invites all high school graduates to register in the National Entry System (SNI), to study in the academic programs of Comprehensive Community Medicine (MIC), Physiotherapy, Radio-Imaging, Dentistry, Nursing, Cardiology Technician, Physiatry , Site technology, Bioanalysis, Nutrition and Pharmacy.

The entity highlighted the importance of training and training more professionals in these disciplines for the development of the country.

This initiative seeks to train professionals, recognizing the importance of having qualified and trained personnel committed to the well-being and health of the population and represents a unique opportunity for those young people who wish to forge a future in these noble professions, the media highlighted. Press release.

It is important to mention that the National Income System (SNI) has been open since May 27; On the other hand, the call will be available until June 22. For more information you should visit the web page of the Ministry of Health.

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