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They improve spaces and safety in the Car market

From 2021 to 2023, crime rates in the wholesaler decreased by 80%

In the last two years, important changes have been registered within the 16 hectares that make up the Coche wholesale market, located in the parish of the same name, in the Libertador municipality of Caracas, where the organization, security and state of its facilities account for the relevant work that has been done during this time.

The space is one of the 16 municipal establishments managed by the Integral Markets and Stores of the Mayor's Office of Caracas (Inmerca), and refers to a meeting point for at least 500.000 people who arrive weekly from various parts of the country to sell or buy different items such as vegetables, fruits, vegetables and legumes, as well as chicken, beef and fish.

16 people come to the 500.000 hectares weekly. inmerca


In little Venezuela, as Cruz Pérez, the president of Inmerca, calls it, significant efforts have been carried out, among which stands out the recovery of the area called Playa Pescado, in which direct water was provided to the vendors, the roofs were rehabilitated and They did painting and repair work.

“When we arrived here, most of the cellars were at 0% operational. We paid to be cold. We went from zero capacity to having 1.000 tons and, just now, we recovered 170 more tons of refrigeration or freezing cellars,” Pérez highlighted during an interview for Últimas Noticias.

He stated that when he assumed the presidency of Inmerca, his priority was to provide improvements to the workers and staff who live in Coche, which is why they attended to the common areas of the Integral de Mercados headquarters.

In this sense, areas were created for the kitchen, dining room, bedrooms, basketball court, dentistry office, barbershop and hairdresser, among others, of which it is planned to soon inaugurate a health module in which medical care will be provided in various areas. specialties.

“They say that we have done enough, and of course that is the case, but we have not yet reached even 1% of what we need because there is a lot that needs to be done,” he pointed out. He added that the buildings of the Coche wholesale market are more than 50 years old and rehabilitating them requires an extremely important investment, so, due to the economic situation of the country, the work is being done little by little with the support of the Mayor's Office of the Libertador municipality. and the national government.


Pérez expressed that, compared to previous times, the wholesale Car market is at its best in terms of safety. And the facilities have a security system, made up of 104 internal and external cameras, which allows real-time monitoring of everything that happens in the place.

Added to this surveillance method are 110 workers who, together with officials from the Bolivarian National Guard, are attentive to events that may arise.
Not counting motorcycles, the facilities receive 46.000 vehicles monthly, in addition to half a million people who represent 40% of the capital's population. So, to guarantee the safety of users and their property, the first thing they did was clean up the Inmerca Security Management and, later, inaugurate a GNB command, create dormitories for the surveillance personnel who work for 24 hours and install a monitoring system.

Cruz Pérez explained that in an environment where so many people come together, it is difficult to avoid conflicts, but corrective measures are automatically made. “We are working here to make sure we feel safe and that allows people to come. Obviously, this has considerably reduced insecurity,” she said. She added that from 2021 to 2023 crime rates dropped 80%.

Before the end of the year, it is planned to install a facial recognition system to provide greater security to consumers and those who live in the place.

Car manufactures containers


In terms of space adaptation, Inmerca acquired compactors, but when purchasing the containers for the 1.000 tons of waste produced per month in Coche, they determined that the costs were above $1.000 and the facilities require at least 70.

“We bought the first ones, but the quality was bad. I asked the blacksmiths the option of building them and they all told me they could. In that yes we can, we have made more than 250 containers; The first ones had new features, but the last ones are of very good quality. “A process of our own engineering.”

In the case of truck platforms, the idea of ​​creating them arose after having acquired the vehicles; Given that they needed the structure and the cost of this was 40% of the total amount of the truck, they decided to manufacture them.

Sixteen blacksmiths work in the workshop where about 25 containers are built a week, which are offered at almost half of what the private company usually sells them for.

Highlights the work in Playa Pescado


People in vulnerable situations also tend to go to the market, where 10.000 tons of food arrive weekly. Given this, Inmerca, together with the Secretariat for Social Development, the Council for the Protection of Children and Adolescents, and other mayoral entities, provide them with comprehensive aid in terms of training, health and nutrition.

There are many tasks carried out in the wholesale establishment, and as its slogan highlights on the billboards arranged at various points in the commercial area: Coche is changing.

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