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More than 500 people assisted during a day of the Public Ministry

More than 558 people were assisted within the framework of a new joint day of the programs “The Public Ministry Protects the Elderly” and The Public Ministry Goes to Your Community, carried out simultaneously in the Plaza La Candelaria in Caracas, this Tuesday in the framework of the celebration of the Day of the Elderly.

During the day of legal and social attention, the Attorney General of the Republic, Tarek William Saab, reported that 107 complaints of a criminal nature have been attended to; of which 67 have to do with disturbance; 15 for misappropriation; 11 for invasion; five for scams; three for injuries and six for theft.

“People come to me to file complaints that are not criminal in nature, but they need legal guidance; of which there are 336 legal guidelines, 176 that are not criminal in nature; 65 are referred to other organizations and 95 have to do with neighborhood coexistence problems,” he added.

Likewise, the senior official said that the Public Ministry can be a good faith actor in conflict resolution; and he stated that during the day 80 requests for expediting cases and 35 requests for social assistance were processed, according to what he noted on his social network

In figures

Regarding the figures from the Public Ministry Goes to Your Community sessions, the Attorney General said that “to date we have served an important record number of 46.293 people until today. If we add it up, those we are serving would be close to a significant number of 50.000 men and women in our country where we have received 5.093 complaints up to this point,” said Saab.

Also, the highest authority of the Public Ministry highlighted that "something extremely important has been achieved with the elderly since in total 27.538 have been attended to through direct complaints and an approximate of 2.206 property restitutions have been achieved."

Among the states in the country that have reported the largest amount of property restitution, the institution's top spokesperson pointed to the Caracas Metropolitan Area; in addition to Anzoátegui and Aragua.

“The Public Ministry is the institution of the Venezuelan State that serves our people in a personalized way on the street, not only in tax offices so that there is awareness among our people,” Saab pointed out.

The Prosecutor reiterated that, as part of the program The Public Ministry Protects the Elderly, the institution maintains the telephone number 0800-3RA-EDAD (0800-372-3323) available to the public to receive complaints that have this person as victims. vulnerable sector.

Likewise, during the day carried out by the body that guarantees legality in the country, medicines were delivered; diapers and popular barber shop; as well as guidance regarding the new electronic platform of the Administrative Service for Identification, Migration and Immigration.

For their part, the personnel assigned to the Venezuelan Institute of Social Security offered free guidance to the grandparents who came to Plaza La Candelaria on the process to follow for survivors' and disability pensions.

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