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More than 2 thousand schools in Miranda have been served by the Bricomiles

Governor of the state of Miranda reported that 400 more will be rehabilitated by the Bricomiles

The Governor of the state of Miranda, Héctor Rodríguez reported “that of the two thousand five schools that exist in Mirada; 2 have been assisted by the Bricomiles.”

“There are 400 schools left and the entire work team is already there, the Armed Forces, the Bricomiles; together with the national and regional Government and the Popular Power working to finish them all,” Rodríguez pointed out during a work day with the President of the Republic Nicolás Maduro, dedicated to the progress of the Military Community Brigades for Education and Health.

Rodríguez recalled that in times of the so-called “floating population, high school graduates without places did not have access to the university education system, and it was with the arrival of Commander Chávez that the students saw the light of hope.

In this sense, he recognized the work undertaken by the head of state, Nicolás Maduro, to continue Chávez's dreams of "Venezuelan public and loving education."

For his part, Maduro expressed his commitment so that the 1×10 system of Good Government arrives to complete the works required by the communities. He explained that when the report on these needs arrived, he was convinced of the urgency of making total arrangements and seeking the resources to invest in what is a reality today.

“Carlos Lanz Rodríguez” Student Production School

Maduro urged the development and formation of the “Carlos Lanz Rodríguez” Student Production School, to strengthen the productive capacity of school communities.

“We must develop productive capacity with our hands, learn. We must develop the “Carlos Lanz Rodríguez” Student Production School, the student conucos, school conucos, some small gardens, others that grow and expand,” urged the head of state.

In that sense, he highlighted the training of new generations to advance and consolidate the productive Venezuela of the 21st century, AVN reports.

“May it be a great productive generation. Minds, hands, ideas and productive will. A giant generation that is educated and trained to build a different country. The Venezuela of the 21st century, of technology, production and humanism,” she stated.

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