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More than 180 kids competed in robotics

Students presented their projects at the Inces headquarters

More than 180 students from public and private institutions gathered this Monday at the final of the 2024 Regional Robotics Olympics, with a view to qualifying in the national round where they will define the representatives who will go to the international championship in Turkey.

The activity, which is being held for the second time in Venezuela, was carried out at the facilities of the National Institute of Socialist Training and Education (Inces), located on Nueva Granada Avenue in Caracas, and included the participation of the president of the entity. training, Wuikelman Ángel Paredes; the Strategic Director of Training and Self-Training of the institution, Jorge Pérez, and the national organizer of the World Robotics Olympiad (WRO), Anach Quintero.

Ángel explained that the institution he directs was accompanying the competition among young Venezuelans, which seeks to promote talent and creativity in the field of robotics and programming. He added that today, on the Inces and WRO pages, the results will be published with the winning teams.

The national event had the participation of 667 teams totaling more than 2.000 students from different parts of the country and aged between 8 and 19 years.

“At Inces we are promoting, promoting interest in this area that is directly linked to science, technology and mathematics,” he noted. He added that eight teams will represent Venezuela in the international competition scheduled for November, which will be attended by some 93 countries, and “we are sure that our teams will play a stellar role in Turkey,” he said.

For his part, the national organizer of the WRO highlighted the work of the children and young people who responded to the call of the regional competition.

“We are going to advance to the next stage, which is the national Olympics, where four major categories, which are: Robotic Missions, Robotic Sports, Future Engineers and Future

Innovators, they are the ones who are going to take our tricolor to the Robotics World Cup,” he indicated. In that sense, he explained that the first of these is based on challenges where the students created an automatic robot that allows them to solve specific challenges on a track.

The second corresponds to a challenge, full of fun and excitement, in which each team participates with two autonomous robots in a match of a certain sport. For its part, the third is aimed at young people with knowledge of advanced robotics, following current research trends, in order to get them involved in an engineering workflow that solves real-world problems.

The last category is based on projects where creativity plays a fundamental role. For this, the students had to develop their own intelligent robotic solution in relation to current issues.

Quintero highlighted the alliance that the WRO maintains with Inces, due to the work carried out by the institute to provide tools to Venezuelans in the technological area. l


Stephen Marquez. "Together with my colleague Néstor Vélez we created the Purify The Earth project, which is based on the development of two hybrid robots: one shows the area affected by a fire and the other throws American moss."

Pedro Vicentelli. “Martina Virviescas, Carlos Dugarte and I work with the Seed and Well robots: the first will take a sample of soil, examine it and send it to the last, which once it knows what it needs will provide it with the nutrients”

Aníbal Moretti. “My colleagues José Cárdenas, Gabriela Cisneros and I designed the robot to be used by children, from the age of eight onwards, with the aim of playing tennis. We represent the Jesús Obrero Institute of Catia.”

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