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Tomorrow the fourth tropical wave will arrive in the country

The outgoing trough caused rainfall in several states

It is expected that tomorrow the fourth tropical wave of the rainy seasonThe National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (Inameh) reported this Tuesday.

Through its social networks, the entity reported that the trough, which has a travel speed of 27 kilometers per hour, will enter through the Essequibo.

Meanwhile, the third wave would be leaving the country today through the Caribbean Sea, northeast of Colombia. The Inameh explained that its passage yesterday caused cloudiness that produced rains and drizzles, some accompanied by electrical activity to the north of Essequibo, Delta Amacuro, Bolívar, Amazonas, Anzoátegui and Sucre, as well as to the east of Apure, Barinas, Guárico, Cojedes and Lara .

Rainfall was also generated in the Capital District, Miranda and Aragua, as well as in the east-west of Falcón, Zulia and the Andean region.

Inameh assured that two more waves would be entering the country next week: the fifth, located in the tropical central Atlantic with a travel speed of 27 km/h, is expected to arrive on Sunday, June 9.

While the sixth is expected to arrive on Wednesday the 12th. This one is moving at 22 km/h and is leaving the coasts of Africa.

Attention in Caracas

To respond to the recent rainfall, in the city of Caracas, crews from the Mayor's Office of the Libertador municipality were deployed to collect solid and vegetable waste washed away by the downpours towards the roads, ravines and streams.
Mayor Carmen Meléndez explained in her account

Furthermore, in the context of the 1×10 plan of good government and its phase 95 of attention and solution to the people. The Corpolibertador crews also carried out a preventive cleaning of the torrentera, located in the Sucre parish.


One house was affected, 15 flooded and several landslides on roads were left by the rains that fell in the capital of Tachira, Táchira Civil Protection reported in its telegram.

Rescuers proceeded to go to 10th Street and 6th Street in San Cristóbal, to attend to the house that collapsed and which was built with cane and trampled mud and, fortunately, had been evacuated.

Daniel Martínez, head of Operations and Communications of Táchira Civil Protection and the major of San Cristóbal Firefighters, Herdenes Ángel, reported that the collapse of the house would have occurred early Friday morning.

The Táchira authorities have been monitoring the rain situation in this state. The mayor of San Cristóbal, Silfredo Zambrano, reported the recovery they are doing on the La Zorquera ravine bridge, which leads to the border, given the deterioration it was presenting.

Governor Freddy Bernal pointed out that institutional coordination has been key.

“We are prepared with machinery, Civil Protection, with coordination with the mayors, regardless of whether they are opponents or radical opponents.”

He reported that in the Córdoba municipality, on Branch 7, La Ratona sector, the road was affected with some landslides, the Uribante River also flooded in Fernández Feo and flooded 15 homes.

With information from correspondents.

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