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Maduro: Essential conservation values ​​to save forests

The President stressed on Arbor Day that it is essential to counteract the effects of the climate crisis

Regarding Arbor Day, the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, stated in his account X that promoting conservation values ​​is essential to save forests and counteract the effects of the climate crisis on the planet.

He indicated that trees “are noble givers of life, they offer oxygen, shelter, water, food, energy and medicine to animals and human beings.”

The Head of State highlighted that “planting a tree is an act of love, generosity and hope for a better future for humanity. Tree Day!.

Minister Gabriela Jiménez: deforestation reaches 26 million hectares

For her part, the Minister for Science and Technology, Gabriela Jiménez, reported through her X account that the rate of annual deforestation in the world is 26 million hectares in the world.

He recalled the importance of trees since they not only produce oxygen, but also contribute to "the purification of the air", and to "forming fertile soils, preventing erosion, they also maintain clean rivers, capture water for aquifers, and serve as shelters." For fauna, they reduce soil temperature, promote the establishment of other species, regenerate soil nutrients and improve the landscape. The rate of deforestation is 26 million hectares annually in the world”

A space surrounded by trees - he explained - also generates direct benefits to the health of people and ecosystems, favoring more favorable microclimates and temperatures.

I remember the pleasure of playing among the trees…”Trees have a secret life that is only known to those who climb them (Reinaldo Arenas),” concluded the head of Science and Technology.

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