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Maduro inaugurates spaces of the “José María Vargas” Popular Clinic in Amazonas

It consists of an imaging room and a room for oncological treatment

On his pilgrimage through the country, the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, arrived this Friday in the state of Amazonas to continue delivering works for the benefit of the people.

From Puerto Ayacucho, Atures municipality, the head of state inaugurated spaces of the “José María Vargas” Popular Clinic for the people of the Amazonas state, which consists of an imaging room and a room for oncological treatment.

“They already have their cancer treatment room in addition to the imaging unit equipped with cutting-edge technology,” said Maduro.

The Dignitary highlighted that with the delivery of the Oncology and imaging rooms to the people of Puerto Ayacucho, the constitutional right to free and quality health is enshrined.

“I had to deliver two fundamental units for the health of the people to the “José María Vargas” Popular Clinic in Amazonas. We have built, having learned to do a lot with what we have, overcoming criminal sanctions, so that Amazonas had its cancer treatment room, in the imaging unit, to take all its exams here in Puerto Ayacucho,” he emphasized.

In this sense, the national leader asserted that the surnames and the patarucos will not be able to withstand the advance of Venezuela by overcoming the sanctions and the blockade. “They won't be able to play tricks, they won't be able to give surnames, whatever they do, they are condemned to defeat. The people are going to win here, we will overcome the sanctions in health, in industry, in agriculture, in everything.”

For her part, the Minister of Health, Magaly Gutiérrez, reported that the Oncology Unit of the “José María Vargas” Popular Clinic has the capacity to care for more than 60 patients per day. In addition, it will provide ultrasound, mammography and x-ray services for cancer patients.

He exalted the achievements of the Venezuela Women's Mission through the health system to contribute to the well-being of the people.

scientific research center

On the other hand, President Maduro ordered the creation of a Scientific Medical Research Center in the Puerto Ayacucho municipality of the Amazonas state to convert ancestral medicine into science medicine, “because in the Amazon are the secrets of the cure of all diseases.” diseases,” he noted.

In this regard, I order its creation during the second half of 2024.

"Having the biodiversity that we have in Amazonas, we must have a center for research and production of applied medicines, it must be founded, in the next semester we must concretize the idea and create the center for the care of diseases," he instructed.

President Maduro toured the oncology and imaging rooms of the “José María Vargas” Popular Clinic. Photo: Presidential Press

Hugo Chávez University of Health Sciences

Continuing with his pilgrimage through the state of Amazonas, Maduro was received by the community of indigenous peoples belonging to the Jivi ethnic group who with dance and ritual welcomed him and a prayer of protection for the President.

After this meeting with the native peoples of the Amazon, the head of state inaugurated the headquarters of the Amazonas nucleus of the Hugo Chávez Frías University of Health Sciences.

This nucleus has eight classrooms and the entire university educational complex will benefit more than 750 students, 83 workers.

He called to take care of this new headquarters, that “little by little we are going to expand it because I am sure that many young people, many young women, will now want to study here.”

“We have to open the doors to everyone because we need many doctors, many female doctors, many dentists, we need many nursing and bioanalysis professionals,” he said.

In addition, he highlighted that “what is going to be the best, most scientific and most powerful public health system that has ever been built in this country” is being built.

“We are going to have it and you will be the protagonists of that system,” he stressed.

The director of the nucleus, Rodolfo Blanco, pointed out that this infrastructure improves training conditions, since before they only had three classrooms available for a significant number of students.

These spaces have training programs in surgical nursing, postgraduate degrees in gynecology and obstetrics; dentistry, physiotherapy and others.

President Maduro was accompanied by the first combatant, Cilia Flores and the head of the “Venezuela Nuestra” campaign command, Jorge Rodríguez. Photo: Presidential Press

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