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Maduro delivered the National Gaita Foundation in the state of Zulia

The center will serve gaitars, provide comprehensive care and train new generations of exponents of the genre.

The president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, handed over this Thursday the main headquarters of the National Foundation of the Gaita, Gaiteros y Gaiteras de Corazón, in the state of Zulia, a social care center that will serve the followers of the queen of folklore and will further promote its execution and dissemination.

This cultural and social center has the capacity to serve more than 400 gaiteros who receive social benefits for their development, care and protection of the performer and to guarantee the preservation of this rhythm native to Zulia, but which all of Venezuela has already made its own.

More than 3000 boys and girls from several surrounding parishes already receive musical education in this center, which consists of rehearsal rooms, recording studios equipped with cutting-edge technology, a radio studio with the Gaiterísima 94.7 FM signal, and provision of musical instruments. and spaces for the teaching staff that already operates in this cultural center.

The gaitars thanked the inauguration of this space that will dignify hundreds of followers of this musical genre. “We want to thank you for this National Gaita Foundation. May God give you plenty of life and health (…) thank you very much, president,” said an excited woman.

For his part, Minister Jorge Eliéser Márquez Monsalve, who promoted the construction of this National Gaita Foundation together with the Great Venezuela Bella Mission, said that he received this order from President Maduro and that the orders are not discussed, they are carried out. “You gave the order and in a few months the house of all Zulians will be ready,” he said.

Endri Méndez, president of the National Gaita Foundation, said that this work has been achieved thanks to the work of all the gaitars, who joined forces to promote this dream.

At the end of the tour, President Nicolás Maduro broadcast his program Con Maduro De Repente, which for the first time came from the interior of the country and from the studios of Gaiterísima 94.7 FM

“Happy to be here and see this dream come true, of the miracle, of the construction of this National headquarters of the Gaita Foundation, to multiply throughout the country,” said the head of state.

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