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Maduro “delivering package” to maternity area in Barcelona hospital

The president highlighted the high-tech equipment of the hospital center

President Nicolás Maduro inaugurated the maternity area of ​​the “Dr. Luis Razetti” in Barcelona, ​​Anzoátegui state.

 “We wanted to come and deliver this maternity package, this maternal and child center in the city of Barcelona, ​​as a package for you within the framework of the Great Venezuela Women Mission,” commented the head of state this Saturday from the eastern entity, as part of your pilgrimage through different regions of the country.

Maduro highlighted the high-tech equipment that the maternity hospital has. “Bringing the best to Venezuela. How? For each sanction there is a solution and if they block here we get involved there, and technology has to reach us,” he highlighted.

El center account with admission areas, delivery care, patient evaluation, nursing room and operating rooms.

Maduro: “We are going for the better”

Maduro recalled that in 2022 the situation in the country was still “very hard” due to the blockade and sanctions imposed by the empire. He also reiterated the prophecy of a group of evangelical pastors that starting in 2024 a time of growth, prosperity and happiness would arrive for Venezuela.

“We passed time and 2024 arrived, and what I see is growth, improvement, and we are going for the better,” he said.

On the other hand, the first national leader highlighted the work of the Minister of Petroleum, Pedro Rafael Tellechea, coordinator of the recent works in the state of Anzoátegui where he served as sponsor of the national government.

“I'm still in charge of Anzoátegui, don't abandon Anzoátegui,” Maduro requested.

In this regard, Tellechea explained that the recently inaugurated center has two more floors where different specialties exist. “This is a totally new package maternity with maximum technology. What we did here was teamwork, with the vice president, with the Corpovex team, the government also helped us,” he added.

Finally, the President of the Republic thanked the Venezuelan medical professionals for their dedication, vocation, as well as for the love and professionalism with which they carry out their work.

“With science and love we go far,” he concluded.

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