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Maduro: In Venezuela the best health system is being built for the people

From the state of Trujillo, the new CDI "Dr. Alan Delfín" was delivered in Valera thanks to the work of the Bricomiles and the 1X10 of the Good Government

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, handed over this Tuesday the new Comprehensive Diagnostic Center (CDI) and the Comprehensive Rehabilitation Room (SRI) “Dr. Alan Delfín” in Valera, Trujillo state. The delivery will benefit more than 12.000 residents of Valera and 3.000 of Point and Circle.

“I am aware of the Military Community Education and Health Brigades (Bricomiles). I wanted to give the people, this beautiful community, their CDI, as a package. Totally restructured! ”He expressed.

During a work day of the Bricomiles, in the Andean entity, the Head of State stated that in Venezuela the best health system is being built at the service of the people.

“Venezuela will have the best free, scientific and quality public health system it has ever had,” he asserted.

In this sense, he asserted that despite the blockade against Venezuela, he will continue helping and working for the comprehensive well-being of the people.

He said that “in the face of each imperial sanction, a brilliant solution from our people, for recovery, for transformation, to advance and guarantee the state of well-being that Venezuelans deserve.”

Maduro highlighted that the recovery of the Comprehensive Diagnostic Center and Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center “Dr. Alan Delfín was thanks to Popular Power, through the 1×10 of Good Government and the Bricomiles.

“What would happen to Venezuela if the 1X10 of Good Government did not exist? Who invented it? the patarucos or Maduro? Who invented the Bricomiles to recover everything in Venezuela? The patarucos or the fine rooster? “He asked.

The National President took a tour showing his different fully equipped units. He argued about this work: “Comprehensive Diagnostic Center Founded by who? Through Commander Hugo Rafael Chávez, we follow the path of Chávez, which is the path of truth, of life, of the rights of the people.”

For her part, the Minister of Health, Magaly Gutiérrez, explained that the CDI has 17 services 24 hours a day as a laboratory to carry out a comprehensive diagnosis of the patient, as well as cardiology, ophthalmology, a treatment room and more.

In the SRI area, professionals protect and care for patients in the areas of: physiatry, speech therapy, speech therapy, podiatry, occupational medicine, electrotherapy, magnetic bed and other services.

Likewise, the sole health authority of the state of Trujillo, Yadira Pereira, noted that this health center has an operating room to perform low and medium complexity surgeries, and a four-bed hospitalization room with fans, aspirators and other equipment to complicated pathologies.

Likewise, the general doctor from Cuba, Miguel Ángel, stated that they will continue fighting for the Venezuelan people by offering the health care they deserve.

During his tour of the state of Trujillo, Maduro inaugurated a Farmapatria Bicentenaria Betijoque, located in the La Piedra de los Cuatro Vientos sector, Betijoque parish, Rafael Rangel municipality.

President Maduro reported that Venezuela has 100% supply of medicines in all pharmacies in the country, "the challenge is to have 100% supply with 100% of medicines produced in Venezuela."

“Farmapatria has to continue multiplying and bringing the country to full supply (…) Remember when surnames and imperialism sanctioned Venezuela and not even an aspirin was available, we had 80% shortages, today we have 100%,” he reiterated.

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