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Maduro appointed Héctor Silva, minister for mining

Maduro urged the sectors to unite to develop a self-sustaining plan for the region.

Maduro appointed the President of the CVG, Héctor Silva, as the new minister for Ecological Mining Development and president of Minerven to take the reins of that region.

“Let us advance a self-sustainable development plan for the region,” stated the President.

"The most important thing is to take care of nature, carry out mining exploitation in a structured way and bring the best to the homes of miners," said Silva after thanking the President for the opportunity to continue positioning the country's minerals, transforming them into finished products. and position them in the international market that we have the best minerals and the best labor and the best working class,” he said after committing to work on the development of an ecological model.

Maduro called on all sectors to organize to develop this new plan to preserve nature and apply non-destructive technologies. What is left for the people of this area in 50 years? -he asked himself. “Enough of the destructive mining, enough of so much mafia and let's move forward with a self-sustaining, ecological plan that I know will happen in the hands of the working class of Guyana,” he stated.

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