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Vigorexia affects many young people psychologically

The disorder causes mood, behavioral and cognitive alterations.

Vigorexia or muscle dysmorphia alters the perception of self-image of many people; It is accompanied by an exaggerated concern for the figure and manifests itself psychologically in many young people, as highlighted by the Gold's Gym chain of gyms in a press release.

The disorder is also known as the “Adonis Complex” and generally manifests itself in young men who are regular gym goers who, due to their age, do not have a well-formed personality or a clear idea of ​​themselves. Girls can suffer from it as well, but the index is lower.

Likewise, a study carried out by specialists in the area of ​​the Pontifical University of Madrid (Spain), maintains that the psychological impact of vigorexia is serious, causing alterations at the mood, behavior and cognitive level.

Everything in excess is bad

“Not everything that glitters is gold”, as well as that other saying that says: “Everything in excess is bad.” Although fats, sugars and a sedentary lifestyle in large quantities are not recommended or healthy, obsessing over exercise and dynamics related to well-being is not either.

Meanwhile, vigorexia manifests itself in an obsession with gaining muscle, causing those who suffer from it to follow an intense physical training routine, diets high in carbohydrates and proteins, in some cases with abuse of anabolic substances and other products to increase muscle mass. performance.

Additionally, these behaviors cause long-term risk of cardiovascular diseases, liver damage, erectile dysfunction in men, testicular atrophy and prostate cancer. It can also become an obsessive-compulsive disorder and cause social and work isolation.

On the other hand, other researchers from the University of Antioquia and the University Institute of Physical Education of Medellín (Colombia) have focused on studying the consequences of the use and abuse of steroids, concluding that they produce a variety of adverse side effects.

These range from some that are physically unattractive, such as acne and breast development in men, to others that are life-threatening, such as heart attacks and liver cancer.

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