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The Opsu enabled the system for university admission

High school students and fifth year students can sign up

This week the registration process began in the National Income System (SIN) 2024 of the University Sector Planning Office (Opsu), which consists of a series of steps to be carried out to opt for a place in the universities of the country.

Students who are studying the last year of general secondary and technical secondary education, graduates of the so-called parasystems or the National Institute of Socialist Training and Education, as well as the Ribas Mission and high school graduates who completed their studies, can enroll in the SNI. secondary studies in previous years.

The Opsu explained that those interested must enter the portal https://sni.opsu.gob.ve, in which they must locate, at the bottom right, the button that says Register and, in the type of user, they will have to choose the Aspirant option.

In this sense, the web portal indicates that it is mandatory that the user to be created be composed of the initial of the nationality and the participant's ID number.

Subsequently, you must enter the data required by the system, as well as fill out the security questions and answers, in case it warrants password recovery.

To complete the registration, you must verify all the information entered in the system, which will send the information related to the created user and the password to the registered email account to log in.

If you do not receive the message with the data, the applicant must write an e-mail explaining the matter and send it to the address: opsu.gob.ve.ingreso@gmail.com. Additionally, you will have to do the same if, on the contrary, you receive the information to log into the account, but the SNI tells you that the credentials do not match.

If after registering on the platform it tells you that your user is inactive, you will have to enter the Password Management option, register the user and authenticate it by answering the security questions or via email.

Meanwhile, the Minister of University Education, Sandra Oblitas, announced that from June 30 to 2024, study opportunity fairs will be held in the country so that high school graduates can learn about the academic offerings available in the SNI XNUMX.

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