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La Guaira received a renovated Scientific and Cultural Sports Complex

The facility has five floors that offer multiple courts, a gym, laboratories, robotics, computing and astronomy centers and spaces dedicated to culture.

This Tuesday the President Nicolás Maduro The La Guaira Scientific and Cultural Sports Complex was delivered completely rehabilitated, a facility that has five floors for the enjoyment of the people of the coastal entity.

In a television contact from the Dr. Alfredo Machado Popular Clinic, the head of state delivered the renovated facilities located in the Carlos Soublette parish.

“Very happy, on behalf of all the youth of the state of La Guaira, because we are delivering a package in their name of this important infrastructure project, which benefits all the sports sectors of the state and of course also those who like science and technology. , robotics,” said Daniel Mata, Secretary General of the Government of La Guaira, from the new spaces.

In this regard, he highlighted that it is a work done in revolution that was paralyzed by the effects of the blockade and sanctions, and was reactivated thanks to the head of state sending the resources.

Likewise, Mata explained that the Complex has five floors. He specified that on the 5th floor there is a multipurpose court, and on the 4th there is the headquarters of Danzas Nacionalistas de La Guaira and a Table Tennis Association Center.

On the 3rd floor, he noted, there is a gym for combat sports; while in number 2 there is a weight gym directed by the Venezuelan athlete Julio Mayora.

On the 1st floor there is a Teaching Center for the sciences of technology and robotics, which includes laboratories for physics, chemistry, mathematics and biology, as well as a teaching center for robotics, computing and astronomy.

Finally, the ground floor of the Complex houses a center for fencing training and also includes a Gamer area for youth.

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