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La Dolorita executes projects that won the popular consultation

They repair facades, improve dining rooms, and will build a communal market

Three of the six communes, which are made up of the La Dolorita parish of the Sucre municipality, Miranda state, are among the first to implement the projects they won during the National Popular Consultation, held last April. After receiving the resources from the regional government, the recovery of facades began until the remodeling of a school cafeteria.

On the main avenue of La Dolorita, the executive leader of the Commune Revolución en Marcha, Karelys Payares, indicated that this community chose as its first project the recovery of facades of the sectors located within six of the ten communal councils that constitute it.

The neighbors organized to carry out the repairs, which to date are more than 80% complete. The same commune benefited from the distribution of zinc sheets to 41 vulnerable families to repair roofs. Likewise, the rehabilitation of the facades of four kiosks was carried out for the benefit of entrepreneurs in the community.

Payares commented that the commune plans to execute two other phases of the project, which includes the arrangement of pipes to guarantee the supply of drinking water in the sector. In addition, they foresee the purchase of supplies to improve the care offered by the communal councils of the communal territory to the neighbors.

School canteen. The four communal councils that make up the Produce is Win commune decided to completely repair the dining room that serves more than 700 children from the Francisco Isnardi State Educational Unit.

The project is in progress with 50% progress and includes the adaptation of the kitchen, laundry room, as well as the counters so that students can consume their food comfortably. In addition, tables and chairs are being repaired, and it is planned to recover an industrial refrigerator and kitchen for the proper functioning of the school cafeteria.

In the space, breakfast and lunch will be offered to preschool and primary school children, as well as teaching and administrative staff.

communal market

The Bicentenario Commune project will benefit more than 7.000 inhabitants of La Dolorita.

The inhabitants of the territory of the nine communal councils decided in Popular Consultation to build a market that will be supplied with local production and will allow the Clap that operate in these communities to be strengthened.

Fish, meat, groceries, vegetables and greens will be offered in these spaces. Likewise, clothing, footwear and other products made in La Dolorita. The project hopes to include, in future phases, spaces for training, health, education and technologies.

Payares highlighted that a second project can be carried out in each commune, upon completion of the first phase in the 87 Mirandi municipalities.

He also explained that the líderEach communal council and commune must present, in a popular assembly, the balance sheet on the use of financial resources at the end of the respective projects.

He pointed out that of the six communes that are in La Dolorita, only three were waiting to execute their winning projects in the national consultation on April 21.

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