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Alkaline diet prevents diseases

Eating raw vegetables avoids acidity that damages cells

Verónica is a 14-year-old teenager who had a tumor in her neck, for which she had been evicted. Today she has a new opportunity to live, because, although her health condition apparently had no solution, it was resolved thanks to the combination of conventional medicine and changing her eating patterns.

"Verónica arrived in very deteriorated health, in December we thought she was already dying, but she decided to live, she took me by the hands and told me: 'doctor, I decided to live.'"

This is clear from the testimony told by Dr. Niurka Pérez, a specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and an expert in alkaline nutrition, who pointed out that as happened with this patient, the healing of different pathologies is closely related to the change from a conventional diet to a that includes a greater intake of alkalizing foods.

“Alkaline nutrition is a diet that consists of 80% of the foods we eat being raw foods, that is, live foods,” he said.

In this way, he pointed out that raw vegetables and greens can be consumed, as well as meats that can be cooked through specialized processes such as lactic fermentation that is done with salt.

According to the expert, changing this eating pattern is successful because all diseases develop in an acidic environment.

Pérez recommends changing eating patterns

“In 1932, the scientist Otto Heinrich Warburg was awarded two Nobel Prizes for discovering that all diseases are acidic, so the cells that are acidic are those that reject oxygen and the latter is 87% of the biological energy of the cell. ", accurate.

He explained that according to this premise, all diseases are considered as a lack of energy, which comes from oxygen. “If there is a cell that does not have oxygen, does not have biological energy, it gets sick and dies,” he said.

In that sense, he stressed that oxygen is responsible for creating alkalinity in the body, which prevents diseases.

Likewise, apart from the intake of live foods, Pérez recommends the consumption of probiotics such as kombucha, as they can help reduce insulin levels in the blood, protect the digestive system and improve digestion and intestinal function.

Alternative therapies

For Galena, the resolution of different pathologies can be achieved if the factors that cause the diseases are taken into account.

“We work on functional and integrative medicine, which is responsible for finding the causes of diseases and solving them. “We also use chelation therapies, megadoses of vitamin C and ozone,” he said.

Chelation therapy has to do with the elimination of heavy metals, through the ingestion of specific compounds and drugs.

The use of ozone at a medicinal level is used to treat vascular problems in patients.

On the other hand, Pérez emphasized the implementation of a nutritional program focused on the repair of the intestine, since the latter constitutes an essential part of the defense system.

“80% of the immune system is located in the intestine, which is our second brain and the third brain is our bacterial microbiota. Leaky gut is the cause of between 80 to 90% of all the diseases that humans are suffering from today,” he stated.

Heartburn and cancer

One of the diseases that can be treated through alkaline nutrition and functional medicine is cancer.

For the professional, cancer can be caused by disorders in the metabolism, because having a metabolic disorder creates toxicity in the body.

He commented that cancer originates when cells cannot fulfill a normal function, which is why they begin to multiply in a disorderly manner.

This is why it is necessary for every cancer patient to become aware of the need to adopt lifestyle habits that contribute to the eradication of the disease.

“The first thing we must understand is that cancer is a disease where there is an acidic body, full of toxins with clogged filters: which are: liver, lung, kidney, skin and intestine. Secondly, it is a pathology that feeds on sugar and thirdly it is a disease that is oxygen deficient; Therefore, we use therapies aimed at resolving toxicity, inflammation and acidity,” he explained.

In this sense, the specialist indicated that the therapy she proposes is aimed at using treatments aimed at compensating for the oxygen deficit in the body.

“We use all the sources with which we can oxygenate the body such as chlorine dioxide, ozone, the hyperbaric chamber. We also use Dmso, megadoses of vitamin and exosome, as well as all those therapies that can make the body enhance all the power it has to regenerate because all diseases can be healed,” he stated.

He highlighted the emotional component that contributes to originating or exacerbating this type of illness. “Cancer is a multifactorial disease. We must keep in mind that all cancers or any type of disease have an important emotional component,” she added.

Pérez, who provides advice through his Instagram account, @niurka_alcalino, stressed the importance of diet in resolving so-called autoimmune diseases.

In that order of ideas, he asserted that food must be aimed at meeting the needs of people with these conditions.

“The so-called autoimmune diseases are caused by intestinal damage. Gluten-free, flour-free, dairy-free food is one of the recommended treatments,” he stressed.


Avoid sugar consumption. This can exacerbate conditions such as diabetes and hypertension.

Try to modulate emotions as much as possible. Most serious illnesses originate or tend to worsen due to emotional factors.

Avoid ultra-processed foods. They may contain fewer nutrients and more preservative compounds that can be carcinogenic.

Visit the beach. Sea water strengthens the immune system, helps control allergies and chronic diseases.

Repair your intestine. A diet free or low in flour, gluten or dairy products is recommended, which tend to inflame the body and cause diseases.

Deworm yourself. First check the conditions of the liver, lung, kidney, skin, intestines, improve the diet to eliminate the greatest amount of toxins before resorting to deworming.

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