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Inces attends the International Forum for Dual Training in Latin America and the Caribbean

They spoke about the return of Venezuelan professional technical training to international spaces

After 21 years of absence, the National Institute of Socialist Training and Education (Inces) was present at the International Conference of the Alliance for Dual Training in Latin America and the Caribbean, organized by Infotep (Federal Institute of Vocational Training of Germany) .

The event, which allowed for the participation of eleven institutions homologous to Inces, took place in the Dominican Republic and allowed for strengthening the alliance between Inces and Cinterfor (Inter-American Center for the Development of Knowledge in Vocational Training) in order to design strategies and actions in favor of vocational training in its dual modality.

The strategic director of Training and Self-Training at Inces, Jorge Pérez, who attended the activity, explained that the meeting facilitated the discussion of topics such as the training of trainers, curricular designs and processes and recommendations for improving the quality of learning. refers to the organization's press release.

 In the opinion of the general manager of Curriculum and Didactics of Inces, Beatriz Sequera, who also participated in this important international conference, from the perspective of Inces the most important thing is that the curriculum development model created by the Venezuelan institute was validated and which consists of qualified occupations and productive profiles.

“We are moving to high-quality dual learning, which allows the mobility of knowledge, the internationalization of the institute's curriculum and, above all, the pursuit of a single path in the formal educational system,” said Sequera.

The general manager of Vocational Training Miriam Quintero also made up the team, who attended the various meetings and conferences led by Infotep and Cinterfor, among other important organizations, following the guidelines of the president of Inces Wuikelman Angel Paredes.

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