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Photographic exhibition inaugurated that honors 50 years of friendship between China and Venezuela

At the Museum of Fine Arts, the photographic exhibition shares spaces with an exhibition of Chinese ceramics.

As part of the series of events held by the Chinese Embassy in Venezuela to celebrate 50 years of diplomatic relations with our country, a photographic and Chinese ceramic exhibition was inaugurated this Wednesday in the renovated spaces of the Museum of Fine Arts.

The photographic exhibition reviews the history of diplomatic relations between both nations, established on June 28, 1974, but which experienced a new beginning after the arrival of Commander Hugo Chávez to the presidency.

The Ambassador of China in Venezuela, Mr Lan Hu, together with the vice minister for Asia, the Middle East and Oceania, Tatiana Pugh, toured the spaces of the exhibition hall, where they viewed photographic records of the visits to China made by President Chávez, the visits of Chinese presidents to Venezuela and the visits of President Nicolás Maduro to China, as well as the record of the great milestones of bilateral relations.

The photographic and Chinese ceramic exhibition will be open to the public in the spaces of the Museum of Fine Arts, during the next two weeks, a fact that will coincide with the reopening of this cultural venue to the general public.

Venezuela on the BRICS and EEZ route

During his meeting with the press, Ambassador Lan Hu expressed his joy at fulfilling his task upon completing 50 years of diplomatic relations between his country and ours.

“We want to thank the Museum of Fine Arts, the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry for the joint work to carry out this very significant exhibition,” said Lan at the beginning of his speech, and then added that this sample of 50 photos is the representation of “50 pieces of evidence.” ", 50 events between both peoples to celebrate 50 years of friendship."

He remembered Commander Hugo Chávez as a pioneer who “opened the door for relations between China and Venezuela”, a fact taken to the highest level by presidents Nicolás Maduro and Xi Jinping.

In this sense, he said that China is open to Venezuela's entry into the BRICS system, a fact that could take place sooner than expected. “We want to welcome Venezuela and all important members of the global south. The door is open. “We want to work mutually so that Venezuela becomes a member of this exchange organization as soon as possible,” she said.

Regarding the opening of the Special Economic Zones (EEZ) between Venezuela and China, the Ambassador highlighted that it is another of the important points between the two nations. “It is another important sector of our cooperation. In recent times we have established many contacts, exchanges, sharing talents, experiences between the SEZs of China and the SEZs of Venezuela. Without a doubt, it is a sector that will allow us to further deepen our relations,” he expressed.

Ambassador Lan Hu highlighted the establishment of an All-Proof and All-Weather relationship between China and Venezuela, signed by the líderIt is from both countries in 2023, which implies a “more diversified cooperation for the well-being of our people.”

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