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Today they celebrate dad's love and effort

On the Sabana Grande boulevard they offer details to celebrate the day in the company of parents

There are different versions that claim to give rise to Father's Day. Some are inclined to think that, like Mother's Day, its celebration has its beginnings in the Catholic tradition. If this is true, an allusion is made to the so-called Holy Family, which evokes Joseph, adoptive father of Jesus, the child and Mary.

That is why it was initially celebrated on March 19, the date of celebration of Saint Joseph's Day, but over the years it has varied from place to place.

In Russia it is celebrated on February 23, in honor of the fathers of the Nation. In Jordan, Libya and Palestine it is celebrated on the first day of summer, that is, June 21.

According to Babylonian culture, Semiramis, who according to the biblical account was known as Astarte, adopted a boy named Nimrod, who was Noah's great-grandson.
Although Semiramis was Nimrod's mother, she later became his wife. This woman was considered a goddess, so all those who wanted to have a relationship with her had to make a sacrifice that she herself had chosen for her god Moloch. This consisted of taking newborn children and throwing them into the bonfire.

Although some agreed with the sacrifice, others did not, which is why all this led to the murder of Nimrod.

Once dead, Semiramis wanted to prove that Nimrod was really a god, so she had relations with one of his priests and became pregnant. She named the son she had Tammuz, who was considered the “reincarnation” of Nimrod and was born on December 25.

For years the Babylonians worshiped the figure of the Holy Family, made up of Semiramis, Nimrod and Tammuz, but with the adaptation of these customs to Roman culture, with the arrival of the Catholic Church, these deities began to be called by the names Christians of Joseph, Mary and Jesus, from whom, later, the celebrations of Mother's Day, Father's Day or Christmas were born.

Honor to parents

Regardless of its origin, the day is considered a space to honor parents, who have provided sustenance and support to families.

In the United States, this holiday in honor of parents apparently began to be celebrated due to the inventiveness of Sonora Smart Dodd, the daughter of a veteran of the American Civil War named Henry Jackson Smart, who had been widowed at a very young age.

When Jackson Smart's wife died, he had to take care of his children on his own on his farm in Washington, which he did with great love.

The year was 1909, and one Sunday morning, while Sonora was listening to the Mother's Day sermon, she decided to begin celebrating her father's dedication and effort. In 1924, President Calvin Coolidge was in charge of supporting this initiative, which spread throughout the world.

A day to share

In Venezuela, although the day is not as popular as the celebration of mothers, it is remembered and separated as an occasion to give love to dad.

On the boulevard of Sabana Grande, Caracas, merchants offer arrangements with stuffed animals, cups, perfumes, clothes or shoes with discounts to celebrate today, Sunday.

María Alejandra Daconceicao, manager of an ornaments and details store, commented that, although this year has not been as busy as last, there has been an influx of customers. “What I have sold the most is material for decorations that institutions have bought from me,” she noted.

Paola Moncada, a resident of Petare, pointed out that this day is to stay home and celebrate with the family.

“I intend to share, visit my dad, prepare a meal,” he said.

With that same intention, Rubén Piñate, a local from El Valle, plans to stay home for a family meal. “I live with my partner and my grown children. “This is a day to share, at least we in my family always spend it together,” he said.

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