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Great Mission Venezuela Women has more than 5 million 700 thousand registered

Throughout the country, 280 thousand Women's Committees have been formed, 13 thousand of them in the state of Carabobo.

The Great Venezuela Women's Mission (GMVM) already has more than 5 million 700 thousand registered since its creation, reported the national head Dheliz Álvarez, during the launch of the 7 vertices of this initiative in the San Joaquín municipality of the Carabobo state.

“That means that there is a vanguard of more than 1 million organized women, women with leading participation in the territory. We want to do many things, we want to contribute and for the Great Mission to be territorialized and reach all regions,” said Álvarez during the comprehensive day organized in the Campo Alegre sector by the municipal authorities.

“We women advance every day, we organize and the Venezuelan Homeland will not be lost in the hands of us women,” said Álvarez.

280 thousand Committees have already been registered nationwide. Photo Tom Grillo

Francis Vielma, secretary of vertex 5 of the (GMVM), explained that “we have managed to register 280 thousand Committees at the national level; In the state of Carabobo we have 13 thousand Committees, and in San Joaquín we had a goal of 600 committees, but we added 812 in the municipality.”

Vielma highlighted that the Women's Committees are “the basic, organic structure of the Josefa Joaquina Sánchez Movement of Movements. "We are going to continue deepening and registering our Women's Committees, providing protection and support to our Women People, as President Nicolás Maduro has instructed us."

Vertices in action

The head of the GMVM, together with Mayor Diego Corrales and the first combatant, Génesis de Corrales, took a tour of each of the vertices activated during the day: 0-800 ROSA, Animal Route for pet care, general medicine, legal advice, entrepreneur fair, educational missions, Humanized Birth Plan and Nacer D' Corazón, as well as care for older adults.

Álvarez highlighted the importance of the 1×10 of Good Government as a strategy of “permanent communication to provide solutions for what our people require, to move forward.”

She also highlighted the importance of vertices 3 and 4 of the GMVM to help women who are victims of gender violence.

“We have to accompany them with love, so that they get out of that situation of violence and realize that they can be entrepreneurial, independent; We accompany them so that they are truly free and happy, which is what we want for all of them,” she said.

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