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Gran Misión Venezuela Mujer assisted women from Miranda

During the day, the attendees received advice on legal matters, violence prevention, legal guidance, permits, among other legal services.

This Thursday, more than 400 women from the state of Miranda were assisted by the Great Venezuela Women's Mission (GMVM) during a comprehensive day held from the Bolívar de La Carlota park, Sucre municipality.

During the day, the attendees received advice on legal matters, prevention of violence, legal guidance, permits, among other legal services, in the context of the fourth vertex of the mission: Eradication of violence against women and timely gender justice, reported The Minister of Popular Power for Women and Gender Equality, Dheliz Álvarez, refers to a press release from the Miranda Government.

She explained that through the Patria platform, since the beginning of this mission to date, 5.666.000 women have been registered throughout the country, who are organized in more than 254.000 committees.

In addition, he highlighted that in the case of the vertex: Women's Health and Life, more than 1.800.000 women have been served in sessions held throughout the national territory.

"In vertex 3 we have made a lot of progress, so far we have granted more than 88.000 credits for our women of the Homeland who have undertaken and who every day assume themselves as economically independent women," he indicated.

Regarding Humanized Childbirth, the minister explained that President Nicolás Maduro proposed a goal of reaching 20.000 promoters, and the state of Miranda is committed to that.

“Currently we have more than 1.040 Humanized Birth women who care for 6.000 pregnant women and our goal is to double this number of promoters. It is about accompanying women in the gestation stage and eliminating obstetric violence and promoting the humanization of childbirth,” she explained.

Álvarez indicated that in relation to the educational aspect, more than 800.000 women are currently being served.

The Public Defender's Office, the Public Ministry, the Criminal Judicial Circuit, all the institutions and bodies receiving complaints, the Miranda and Sucre police, among others, participated in the event held this Thursday.

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