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GDC works to improve wastewater service in San Bernardino

Nahum Fernández indicated that the GDC teams are also carrying out works in the Santa Rosalía parish in coordination with the Popular Power

Government teams Caracas (GDC) carried out work on Arístides Rojas Avenue in the San Bernardino parish to improve the wastewater service in this town.

This was reported by the Head of Government of Caracas, Nahum Fernandez, who explained that the work carried out included the demolition of 22.5 cubic meters of slab in an area of ​​140 square meters.

In addition, as he wrote on his account on the social network X, 18 cubic meters will be emptied to place 6 concrete slabs. 12 meters of 8-inch pipe were also replaced.

“These works benefit 872 inhabitants, offering an effective response. 2 years after the 1X10 System was created, in Caracas we are above 78% problem resolution. "We are heading towards Plan 95 in the field of health and services!" Fernández indicated on the social network.

Installation of walls in Santa Rosalía advances

In another series of messages, Fernández indicated that his work teams also worked on the Barrio La Quinta highway, in the La Esperanza sector, parish Santa Rosalia, in order to inspect the works that are being carried out in coordination with the Popular Power.

“We are supervising the placement of walls with the aim of providing greater security, and we are also carrying out an exhaustive review of the terrain to keep the road in optimal conditions and ensure the movement of vehicles through the area,” he explained.

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