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Francisco Garcés addresses strategies in Paris for the recovery of the UCV

Met with representatives of the Chaillot School of Architecture and Heritage of Paris in order to evaluate common interests in the development of heritage areas

The member of the Presidential Commission for the Recovery of the Central University of Venezuela, Francisco Garcés, met with representatives of the Chaillot School of Architecture and Heritage of Paris, with the purpose of evaluating common interests in the development of heritage areas.

Collaboration would be considered especially in the preservation of the UCV, declared Cultural Heritage of Humanity by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), according to account X of the chancellery.

The Chaillot School, with vast experience in the conservation of historical heritage from the 19th century, showed notable interest in the exchange of knowledge and strategies for the conservation of heritage from the 20th century, as is the case of the UCV.

During the meeting, the Director of the Chaillot School and his person in charge of international relations, presented the exchange modalities that the school currently has, which could be of great interest for cooperation with Venezuela in matters of 20th century heritage.

These modalities include study internships, training of students at the master's level and exchange of teachers, which would enhance the development of capacities in conservation and restoration.

In addition, the meeting was attended by a delegation from the Maderas del Orinoco company, attached to the Ministry of Popular Power for Industries and National Production, composed of Heidy Oropeza, Luis Rivera, César Torrealba and Pablo Ninin.

This delegation evaluated the use of wood in construction during its visit to France, where heritage may be one of those uses.

Also present was Jean François Parent, from the International Laboratory for Housing and Habitat, who contributed his experience in housing and heritage conservation strategies.

Both institutions agreed to maintain continuous contact, through the Venezuelan Embassy in France, in order to evaluate the possibilities of exchange of students and researchers.

This agreement is part of the mission of the Chaillot School to train specialists in architectural conservation and restoration, and in the effort of the Presidential Commission to rehabilitate and restore the UCV, as well as other infrastructure recovered by the Venezuelan State.

With these meetings, it is expected to strengthen the strategies for conservation and restoration of the UCV campus, which could incorporate the knowledge and experiences of both institutions to face the challenges presented by the architectural works of the 20th century.

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