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Prosecutor's Office attended to 400 people in Petare

96 officials settled in Plaza Bolívar to listen to the people

In a new day of the program “The Public Ministry goes to your community” 400 people were attended to in Plaza Bolívar de Petare, in various cases of justice and human rights.

The information was announced yesterday by Attorney General Tarek William Saab on his X account.

The operation included 96 MP officials, including general directors, line directors and prosecutors.

In addition, he highlighted that since August 2022, 42.990 people have been served through the Prosecutor's Office programs for direct care of the population.

He added that with the elderly care plan, they have also addressed 28.054 people and 127.115 in the different citizen care offices.

Likewise, it is added to the people served in the tax offices, which are 652.414 for a general history of 858.199. “It is an unprecedented social justice effort in our country,” said Saab.

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