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Prosecutor Saab inaugurated the 1st Municipal Prosecutor's Office of La Guaira

Saab said that its objective is to strengthen the link with the communities to minimize and prevent the commission of crimes, as well as optimize processes.

The Attorney General of the Republic, Tarek William Saab, inaugurated with the support of the Mayor's Office of La Guaira, the headquarters of the 1st Municipal Prosecutor's Office of said capital sector; located in the historic center in front of the Plaza Vargas of the aforementioned entity, refers to a press release published in its X account.

“We have an excellent headquarters so that all the people of La Guaira and its surroundings, when they have to make their complaints, can count on the support of an official who will be here, attending to them in an objective and impartial manner,” said Saab.

During the statements offered this Wednesday, the head of the criminal action assured that its objective is to strengthen the link with the communities to minimize and prevent the commission of crimes; in addition to optimizing processes in cases such as misdemeanors or minor crimes, and how to ensure due process and the protection of human rights.

MP goes to your community it is deployed in the country

Likewise, within the framework of the “The Public Ministry Goes to Your Community” event held this Wednesday, the senior official explained that it took place in 26 municipalities nationwide with a deployment of 174 officials.

He reported that during the deployment of the program, 4.409 complaints have been received; 32.968 orientations were provided; 536 cases were expedited and 582 social assistance requests were processed, coordinated with the competent bodies; which gives a total of 38.495 people served.

He stated that during the day held this Wednesday in said state, a total of 105 people had been treated; of which complaints were received for cases of disturbance; misappropriation; invasions; threats and scams, among others.

“We are also attending to cases that are not criminal in nature to give them the respective free legal guidance, making it always a special privileged time for our officials,” Saab stressed.

In the words of the also president of the Republican Moral Council, with this action plan the 12 parishes of the state of La Guaira have been attended to over 92 days carried out.

He specified that 31 days have been held in Catia La Mar; 3 in Urimare; 5 in Macuto; 4 in La Guaira (parish); 8 in Maiquetia; 7 in Caruao; 4 in Carayaca; 6 in Caraballeda; 7 in Carlos Soublette, 3 in El Junko; 2 in Naiguatá and a couple in the Francisco de Miranda-Los Roques Island Territory.

The Attorney General added that, from August 2022 to the present date, 221 complaints have been received in La Guaira alone; 2.240 orientations have been carried out and 200 requests for social assistance have been processed for a total of 2.661 people assisted.

Justice in the street

Saab expressed that in addition to carrying out this program weekly, “The Public Ministry Attends your complaint in the Parish” is also carried out monthly, in which places of confinement, educational centers and public places are visited.

Since its implementation this January, a total of 6.147 people have been treated to date. In turn, 374 complaints have been received; 5144 orientations have been provided, 229 expediting cases and 400 social assistance have been processed. This gives a total of 44.642 people served by the Public Ministry in these street programs, in which 4.783 criminal complaints have been received.

“I am convinced that Venezuela has with the Public Ministry a privileged institution, certified by our people, consolidated as an institution that is not only in the tax offices, but goes where the people are; their most remote places to hear their complaints, address them, process them and give them the respective answers,” Saab concluded.

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