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The Military Academy of Medicine is delivered rehabilitated

Venezuela Bella Mission improved classrooms, kitchens and sports area.

The facilities of the Military Academy of Medicine of the Bolivarian Military University of Venezuela, located in Fuerte Tiuna, El Valle parish, in the Libertador municipality of Caracas, were completely rehabilitated this Tuesday.

The sectoral vice president of Sovereignty, Politics, Security and Peace, Vladimir Padrino López, and the president of the Venezuela Bella Mission, Jacqueline Faria, reopened the first of twelve academies that will be intervened in the context of the recovery plan for these military training spaces .

“All of its functional areas were attended to, renovated and some remodeled,” explained Padrino López about the space where the Venezuela Bella Mission carried out waterproofing work on 3.322 square meters, built 336 closets for cadets and rehabilitated ten classrooms and four bedroom modules.

In the building, a direct gas network extension was created and, with the support of Hidrocapital, water pressure leveling was carried out. Likewise, in conjunction with Cantv, a fiber point and Wi-Fi connectivity was installed.

Likewise, they built a laundry, rehabilitated the casino area and recovered the kitchens for cadets and officers, as well as the dining rooms for both groups. For their part, the green areas and sports fields received maintenance.

The Minister of Defense also called on the cadets to take care of the recently reopened facilities, so that the Military Academy of Medicine is maintained over time for its strengths, not only academic, floral and physical, but also for its infrastructure.

He added that the Bolivarian National Armed Forces have an academic level corresponding to national and international demands.

Meanwhile, Faria assured that the Beautiful Universities program already has 1.360 recovered classrooms to train the country's students.

“The Military University could not be absent; We start with Medicine, we continue with the Army, National Guard, Aviation, Navy, all academies will be attended to,” he explained.

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