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Water well delivered in La Dolorita

It will serve 50.000 residents of 20 communities, through a flow of 40 liters per second

Two works were delivered this Monday by the Governor of the Miranda state, Héctor Rodríguez, and the Minister of Water Care, Rodolfo Marco Torres, to the population of the Sucre municipality.

This involves the commissioning of a water well in the La Ensenada sector, to benefit more than 3.800 people from nine direct and indirect sectors; and the comprehensive rehabilitation work of the La Dolorita Sports Center Pumping Station, which will serve 50.000 residents of 20 communities, through a flow of 40 liters per second.

Both works were executed by the Government of Miranda, with the support of the Ministry of Water Care, Hidrocapital, the Mayor's Office of Sucre and the organized Popular Power of the community, through the 1X10 system of Good Government, according to a press release. of the Governorate of Miranda. 

The Mirandino President indicated that the objective is to exceed 300 wells throughout the entity. He said that so far in 2024, 25 have been delivered, detailing that in the first period of the plan 80 were built or rehabilitated, while in the second year 105 were reached.

“We receive water from the Tuy systems, which should produce 23.000 liters per second, but their production collapsed due to the blockade, as we were not able to bring the pieces and parts that we do not yet produce in the country. The effort we have made has allowed us to go from 10.000 liters per second to 18.000. This year we should reach 19.000. Next year we will continue making investments to bring it to 23.000,” he explained.

For his part, the Minister of Water Attention, Rodolfo Marco Torres, recognized the work and commitment carried out by Governor Héctor Rodríguez to solve and improve the water issue in Miranda, together with the national government, through the water system. 1X10 of Good Government.

“This is part of this extraordinary tool created by President Nicolás Maduro, such as the 1X10 system of Good Government. We have to continue advancing in the Sucre municipality, in Petare. We are also making large investments, especially in the Tuy I, II and III systems. We have already received 10.000 and 8700 horsepower engines to continue strengthening and reaching more sectors,” he said.

Meanwhile, the mayor of the Sucre municipality, José Vicente Rangel Ávalos, highlighted the importance of joint and joint work between the four levels of government, national, regional, municipal and popular, to solve the communities' problems efficiently.

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