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In Mesuca they delivered a perimeter wall

The work was selected by the neighbors in the 2024 Popular Consultation

On Thursday, the delivery of the perimeter wall that will benefit 2.379 families from five communes, in the Mesuca sector of Petare, Sucre municipality, Miranda state, was carried out as part of the projects approved in the National Popular Consultation held last April.

The governor of the state of Miranda, Héctor Rodríguez, indicated that at the event 562 lights were also delivered that will improve the quality of life of 22.362 families from 51 communities in the parish.

“Here are the four levels of government: national, regional, municipal and communal. By making each person's contribution to solve the problems, they are resolved. The resources were immediately assigned to those who won and after 20 days the wall was built, because everyone joined forces and just like this example, we can all solve the problems of the commune, the municipality and the country,” he assured.

The mayor of the Sucre municipality, José Vicente Rangel Ávalos, emphasized popular organization as a key action in the form of government for the resolution of all problems in the communities, with debates, dialogues and actions for the common good.

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