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Tobacco kills 8 million people annually

Every year one million people lose their lives due to indirect exposure to nicotine.

Tobacco consumption, whether traditional or electronic, is highly harmful and lethal; however, it is the main cause of death foreseeable throughout the world, according to information from the Anticancer Society of Venezuela (SAV).

As a result, 8 million smokers die every year. About 7 million of them are active smokers, while the remaining million are passive and also perish from the vice.

This habit contributes to the development of serious diseases such as cardiovascular diseases (hypertension, heart attacks), as well as different types of cancer (lung, bladder, kidney, throat, mouth, oropharynx and even breast, among others).

In this regard, the General Manager of the SAV, Dr. Juan Saavedra, explained that the most frequent disease caused by tobacco consumption is lung cancer, as he said: “It is estimated that 80% of the mortality cases due to this disease are related to the consumption of traditional or electronic cigarettes.”

He added that the harmful effects of cigarettes are not limited to the aforementioned diseases. It is also linked to premature birth, low birth weight, impotence, dental problems, brain conditions and respiratory diseases such as
chronic bronchitis, erectile dysfunction and cancer in pets due to secondhand smoke

A little more encouraging figures

Dr. Saavedra said that, thanks to a series of measures taken and educational campaigns carried out, tobacco consumption decreased worldwide. In the case of Venezuela, the percentage of people who smoke went from 49% in the 80s to 20% between 2016 and 2017, according to the latest figures available.

But he pointed out that 1.300 billion people are still tobacco users in the world.
world, of which 75% live in low and middle income countries, with a
global prevalence of 36% in men and 6% in women.

How far does the smoke go?

As already mentioned, those who are indirectly exposed to nicotine consumption are one of the most impacted, because they are not satisfied with breathing the smoke exhaled by the person who smokes, it does not end there; since the smoke expelled by the active smoker is also
It adheres to the objects in its environment, such as the walls and furniture of the home and office, which affects the people and animals that are there, and that have contact with that environment contaminated by the chemicals emitted by the tobacco combustion.

Saavedra clarified that “previously it was stated that it was important to have environments without tobacco smoke; However, the ideal is that they be completely smoke-free," because, even if a person smokes outside an establishment, home or office, they carry on their body and clothing the substance left by the cigarette, which is "highly carcinogenic." and
It contaminates everything around it.

Finally, he stressed that the fight against smoking is a global challenge that requires
everyone's commitment. The specialist insisted that, “we must work together to
create smoke-free environments and protect people's health, especially
most vulnerable.”

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