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The cancer patient requires an exclusive nutritional plan

Proper nutrition during cancer treatment increases the chances of success

Each cancer patient is different, so their type of diet will depend entirely on the cancer they suffer from.

Some aspects to consider before establishing a dietary regimen are: the side effects of the treatment and general health conditions. Furthermore, this work must be carried out by a professional in the field during the recovery process.

Likewise, on the matter, Ana Sojo, nutritionist at the Cancer Prevention Clinic (CPC) of the Anticancer Society of Venezuela (SAV), explained that: “Evaluation by a nutritionist is an invaluable tool for well-being. of the cancer patient, allowing him to face the disease with greater strength and optimism.”

Features to consider

Likewise, he highlighted the importance of taking into account certain specific conditions of each cancer patient, for example: nutritional needs, behavior and food preferences, physical activity, sleeping habits and stress level.

The above allows the plan to include: precise dietary recommendations, strategies to deal with side effects and food education. In turn, he said that a timely and adequate nutritional evaluation contributes to the reduction of digestive complications, reduces the risk of infections, strengthens the patient, allows the treatment to be completed within the expected time and helps to overcome its side effects.

It must be remembered that proper nutrition during the cancer medication process increases the chances of success.

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