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Inces inaugurated the “Ernesto Che Guevara” Plaza

As a tribute to the man who marked a before and after in the history of Latin America

The National Institute of Socialist Training and Education (Inces) inaugurated this Wednesday morning the “Ernesto Che Guevara” plaza, where the statue of this revolutionary who was faithful to his conscience in action and training will stand.

The activity was attended by Dr. Aleida Guevara, daughter of the honoree Che Guevara; the president of Inces, Wuikelmán Angel Paredes; the strategic director of Training and Self-training, Jorge Pérez; the vice chancellor for Latin America, Rander Peña, ambassadors from different countries of the world, authorities of the public institutions of Venezuela and workers of this prestigious study house, who were witnesses of this commemorative event for this institution, says a press release from the Inces.

During the event, Ángel highlighted that this activity calls us to remember and celebrate the career of the heroic guerrilla Ernesto Che Guevara 96 ​​years after his birth; In addition, he noted that Dr. Guevara's visit is presided over by the motivation to get closer to the thoughts of this great revolutionary man and guarantee over time the in-depth study of his ideas and principles that remain in full force despite the great campaigns. of the ideological enemy that seeks to immerse humanity in a world without ethics.

“Ernesto Che Guevara represents one of the most prominent ethical symbols of contemporary history, in this sense to assume the commitment with the heroic guerrilla we must study his ideas, based on our roles and responsibilities and based on a deep and conscious knowledge of his legacy,” said Ángel during his speech.

For her part, Dr. Aleida Guevara expressed that her father is and always will be a man who liked to be in the middle of the town and in the places where the new generations are educated; He also commented that he thinks it is beautiful that this work was made reflecting Che in movement: “He is not standing still, he is as if he were going to continue walking and that is the important thing, if you manage to make him walk with each of you then the work “It will be complete,” he added.

The vice chancellor for Latin America, Rander Peña, classified this Inces initiative as an extraordinary act and congratulated the president of the institution for the excellent work he is doing. Peña highlighted that the purpose of this process is to understand that we are a trend of what has happened and what will happen will depend on what we are capable of doing.

It should be noted that Ernesto Che Guevara was characterized by his fight for socialism to replace capitalism; he was a man full of strength and values ​​that led him to reject injustice in a system that generated social inequality.

The activity was developed with the objective of strengthening the ties of friendship and cooperation of two brother peoples that fight for the same destiny, in addition to paying tribute to the man who marked a before and after in the history of Latin America, such as Commander Che. Guevara.

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