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Recreational boxing serves to neutralize stress

Professional indicates that 45 minutes of practice are enough to release tension

Stress is the daily bread of modern life and there is a specific sport to counteract it, it is boxing.

The discipline is generally known for its inclination to combat, however, in the sense of unloading the weight of daily dynamics, it should be assumed as an extracurricular or recreational activity.

Likewise, instructors in the health and wellness chain perceive it as a powerful therapeutic tool. Apart from that, they affirm that through dynamic movements and hitting techniques, this discipline offers a series of benefits that contribute to the overall well-being of the individual.

An ally of mental health

In this regard, the boxing coach, Julio Gordillo, explained the body's reaction after less than an hour of training: “In a 45-minute session, recreational boxing generates endorphins, which in turn act as natural pain relievers. This process allows us to arrive home happy because we release tension.”

The expert, who is also a coach for the Venezuelan Kickboxing Federation, recommends participants receive training with a professional in the field to avoid injuries.

The coach assured that this discipline is essential for health
mentality of people and one of the reasons is that those who practice boxing feel
Confidence: “Confidence helps you overcome mental and other obstacles. He
Boxing progressively contributes to our healthy personal growth.”

Likewise, Gordillo highlighted that: “boxing increases your self-confidence, with each
training that feeling grows.” At the same time, he added that boxing is an extraordinary tool for people who suffer from anxiety: “every person who comes to our facilities brings anxiety, many are depressed, each case is different. However, they begin to sweat and release those endorphins that lead them to feel a feeling of happiness, which helps reduce levels of anxiety and depression.”

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