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Executive delivered health and education works in several entities of the country

Among the works, the following stand out: the Yaracuy maternity hospital, the intensive care unit of the Los Andes University Hospital, among others

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, delivered this Wednesday various works on a national scale that will benefit the country's health and educational sector. To continue increasing the effective actions of the 1 x10 of Good Government and the Bricomiles.

From the municipality of Sucre, Miranda, the Head of State reopened the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of the Autonomous Institute Hospital Universitario Los Andes (Iahula), located in the Campo Oro sector, of the El Llano parish, Libertador municipality of the state of Mérida.

Maduro specified that at least 3.500 newborns are treated per year in the internal medicine, cardiology, pediatrics service, as well as in specialized areas.

For his part, the governor of the entity, Jehyson Guzmán, explained that the restoration of the hospital was carried out, thanks to a report from the 1X10 of the Good Government, made by the Commune 16 of September, a call that was attended by the Bricomiles hand in hand. of the Comprehensive Defense Operational Zone, the Bolivarian Militia and the hospital workers.

“Now we can show modern areas like this, several floors are being intervened, floor eight, floor seven have been recovered, we are finishing recovering floor six and work continues in this hospital,” he added.

In addition to these efforts, the Single Health Authority of Mérida, Dr. Gerardo Molina, indicated that the hospital increased its capacity for neonatal spaces, bringing it to 38.

In relation to the rehabilitation work, he pointed out that it was equipped with the latest technology equipment such as incubators, infusion pumps, mechanical fans, a solar panel and an alarm system that allow the consolidation of the National Public Health System.

Likewise, the director of the university, Dr. Nelly Molina, explained that IAHULA also offers primary care to six other neighboring states, averaging approximately 4.000 boys and girls born in this health center.

He noted that the three emergencies and surgical areas were recently inaugurated and other impact works are being carried out.

“We are in the third phase of the rehabilitation of the radiotherapy bunker and recently twenty-one days ago the work to replace an air conditioning system that was more than fifty years old was completed,” Molina stressed.

With the activation of this unit, the Bolivarian Government contributes to the reduction of infant mortality in the country, a global health indicator that positions Venezuela among the nations that offer the highest quality in neonatal care.

Maternity inaugurated in Yaracuy

With a completely new maternity area, the Padre Oliveros de Nirgua Hospital, in the Yaracuy state, dresses up to care for future mothers with top quality equipment in the context of the 1×10 of Good Government and the Bricomiles.

A joint effort between the National Government, organized Popular Power, the National Armed Forces and workers of the institution to make such care possible for the unit that has two triage offices each with ultrasound equipment, pre-birth area, delivery room, postpartum and retention with special equipment such as incubators.

Simoncito delivered in Guayana

A space for initial education, the CEI Simoncito de Las Américas, located in the state of Bolívar, was inaugurated to serve 170 children from 2 years old.

Spokespersons from the community thanked the work that was done for the care and education of the little ones.

“The entire community of Las Americas is grateful to you, President, for that great love for the people (…) A beautiful space, recovered for our boys and girls from two to six years of age,” stressed the Popular Power spokesperson.
In addition, 2 tons of asphalt, more than 500 lights, also 400×1, were placed throughout the perimeter of five communities.

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