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Dheliz Álvarez highlights the connection between women and the environment

"The environmental impact has been shown to have an impact on the health of all women," she said.

The Minister of Popular Power for Women and Gender Equality and national head of the Great Venezuela Women's Mission (GMVM), Dheliz Álvarez, inaugurated as a guest a new segment on Radio Miraflores dedicated to the progress of Vértice 7 of the feminist organization, as well as It was highlighted by MinMujer Press.

It is called “Green, Ecologist and Animalist” and is part of the program “Somos Nevado en Radio”, hosted by the president of Misión Nevado, Maigualida Vargas, together with legislator Jonathan Sayago.

Álvarez addressed the progress of this Great Mission created by the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Nicolás Maduro. Likewise, he highlighted his involvement in environmental conservation. “In my activism I have always been linked to the environmental axis, a space where women have a lot to say, especially because the environmental impact has been proven to have an impact on the health of all women.”

Additionally, Dheliz Álvarez indicated that the head of state “has been married to this vertex, he loves this vertex, and he has also advocated in international spaces for the conservation of the environment.”

Strong points of view

For her part, Maigualida Vargas, who is also secretary of Vertex 7 in the GMVM, added that Nicolás Maduro “has been assertive in the design of the policies of the Great Missions. In the GMVM, spaces were opened for other types of struggle apart from the feminist one.”

In turn, Vargas pointed out that women are a fundamental part of the environmental fight because they say: “I care about the community, I care about my territory, I care about the planet; That's why we have the seventh vertex, because we care about even the planet."

Finally, Roger Pacheco, director of the Animanaturalis organization in Venezuela, expressed that “the animal rights movement is a 100% feminist movement. "We defend the female of all species, because they are the most vulnerable in all aspects, because they are exploited when breeding for production."

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