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Maintenance work completed in Taguaza System

Preventive and corrective maintenance work in Taguaza will optimize the distribution of drinking water in the municipalities of Zamora, Plaza and Acevedo de Miranda

With the objective of increasing the production capacity of drinking water for the population of the Plaza, Acevedo and Zamora municipalities of the Miranda state, the Hydrological Institute of the Capital Region, CA (Hidrocapital) successfully completed the work in the Taguaza Production System.

This was reported on his account on the social network X.

“They successfully completed the Scheduled works to improve the operation and production of drinking water in the Taguaza System, with the objective of optimizing the service to the Plaza, Acevedo and Zamora municipalities of the Miranda state,” he noted.

In this regard, the ministerial entity explained that the work was carried out uninterruptedly for two days, work that included the joint efforts of engineers, technicians, and workers, with the support of the Government of Miranda and the organized Popular Power.

The work consisted of the installation of a new 900 horsepower engine, with its vertical pump, in addition to the repair of breakdowns, the replacement of suction cups and electromechanical maintenance, the Mirandina Government stated.

Likewise, he pointed out that more than 200 people participated in the execution of the work, including engineers, technicians, workers and community representatives.

The maintenance work began in the afternoon of last Tuesday, May 28, and the scheduled stop lasted 48 hours, AVN reported.


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