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The central regional is closed for 30 hours

They carry out maintenance work at km 4, direction Maracay - Caracas

For a period of 30 hours, which began at 6:00 pm this Friday, the central regional highway (ARC) was closed, at kilometer 4, direction Maracay – Caracas.

This was reported by the Ministry of Transportation in its account

Since last night, pipe replacement work has been underway at kilometer 4 of the Central Regional Highway, in the Maracay-Caracas direction, for the safety of users.

He reported that a counterflow channel was activated to guarantee the mobility of drivers. Likewise, he indicated to drivers that they can also choose to use alternative routes through the Baruta municipality of Miranda state, and through checkpoint 5 of Fuerte Tiuna, in the Capital District.

Last Monday the maintenance work that the Ministry crews carried out at km 4 of the ARC was completed, but in the Caracas – Maracay direction. mon

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