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Nearly 6 million women have registered in the Venezuela Women's Mission

The head of the new mission, Dheliz Álvarez, highlighted that there are more than 500 comprehensive care centers for women in the country

Nearly 6 million women in the country have registered in the Great Mission Venezuela Woman, reported the head of this program Dheliz Álvarez, who highlighted the formation of more than 300 thousand Women's Committees.

“To date, we have 301 thousand Women's Committees that translate into the popular organization of women and that desire to materialize and territorialize public and gender policy in all communities; and more than 5 million 911 thousand women are registered on the platform of the Great Venezuela Women Mission, which is not only the intention of women to feel protected, but also to participate and contribute to their environment, to their society," said Álvarez. .

According to a Press release of the portfolio, the Minister affirmed that this social program comes to assume one of the primary challenges of Venezuela as a nation: “to mainstream gender policy in all Ministries, the Public Powers, so that we can achieve the profound transformations that the movements expect. of women. It is a great platform for the integration of actions that increases its organizational strength in the planning of new actions that cross the State towards a collective and horizontal construction.”

Álvarez pointed out that throughout the territory there are more than 500 comprehensive care centers for women with specialties such as general and internal medicine, pediatrics, gynecology, pediatrics and mental health for Venezuelan women.

In terms of education and empowerment, he noted that “we are training more than 408 thousand women and another 204 thousand already express their willingness to continue training,” as well as the delivery of 88 thousand financing through the CrediMujer program to “diversify the national economy and generate well-being for ourselves and our families and our communities.”

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