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They celebrate National Recycling Day with a forum on environmental awareness

The San Cristobal Recycling School brought its experience to the people of Caracas

Within the framework of National Recycling Day, Caracas was filled with activities and events aimed at promoting environmental awareness and sustainable practices. This meeting brought together experts, academics and committed citizens, who shared their experiences and visions about the importance of recycling in our communities.

Gerardo Fernández, president of the Scientific, Humanistic and Technological Development Council of the University of Monteavila, highlighted the importance of education in promoting recycling.

“Women, in particular, play a crucial role in recycling in our communities,” Fernández noted, sharing an inspiring example from her own building where a condominium president has implemented a successful recycling program.

Fernández highlighted the need for immediate actions to mitigate the effects of climate change and proposed the creation of a green building at the university's new headquarters in Lomas del Sol.

“We want to install alternative energy solutions and garbage collection and classification systems,” he explained, underlining the importance of educating in environmental values ​​to take care of our planet.

Aixa Armas, president of Women and Citizenship, promoted this meeting between activists, organizations and environmental groups

The Transformation of San Cristóbal: A Model to Follow

The recycling system in San Cristóbal includes door-to-door education on how to separate waste, motorized units for the collection of recyclable materials, and a network of containers to separate plastic, paper, cardboard and glass. This approach has not only improved urban cleanliness, but has also promoted a culture of sustainability among residents.

Ronnie Chacón, Environmental Engineer and General Director of the Recycling School at the National Experimental University of Táchira (UNET), highlighted the success of the event and the impressive participation of various actors in Caracas.

“It exceeded expectations with the degree of participation and representation of different sectors,” commented Chacón. He spoke about the innovative recycling system implemented in San Cristóbal, which has transformed the city by optimizing the urban sanitation service and keeping rates stable. “The transformation of San Cristóbal has been total,” he added, urging other cities to follow this successful model.

Women and environmental citizenship: training and awareness

Aixa Armas, President of Women and Citizenship, spoke about the recent creation of Women and Environmental Citizenship, an initiative that seeks to educate and train in environmental awareness. “It's very easy to say that we should help climate change, but we need to organize and educate,” Armas said.

Armas emphasized the role of women in recycling, both at home and in the community, and how her organization is working to empower women as agents of change. “Teaching to recycle is a significant contribution to sustainable development and the circular economy,” she added, inviting more people to join her programs and diploma courses.

Cinema and Education for Change

Crispina Marcano, member of Women and Citizenship, described the activities carried out during the week, including a cinema forum with the screening of the film “Once upon a time in Venezuela” and exhibitions on circular economy and waste management. “These activities are directed by engineer Ronnie Chacón who seek to create a pilot project to manage garbage in Caracas,” Marcano explained, highlighting the importance of these initiatives to mitigate current environmental problems.

The event concluded with a seminar that closed the activities with a flourish, leaving attendees inspired and committed to the cause of recycling and sustainability.

Among the participants in the work tables were educational projects with UNEFA extension teachers, MAF Project, Taller Neo, Cayapa a la Basura and Grupo Ecológico San Pedro, among some.

National Recycling Day in Caracas was not only a celebration of sustainable practices, but a call to action to transform our cities and communities. With the participation of experts, líderIt is community and committed citizens, this event demonstrated that with education, innovation and collaboration, it is possible to build a cleaner and more sustainable future for everyone.

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