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Pathology rehabilitation almost ready

The Presidential Commission for the Recovery of the Central University of Venezuela has rehabilitated 75 buildings on the campus to date.

The national government, through the Presidential Commission for the Recovery of the Central University of Venezuela, has rehabilitated 75 buildings on the campus to date, among which is the José Antonio O'Daly Anatomopathological Institute, to which they have returned the original concept of architect Carlos Raúl Villanueva.

The building, inaugurated on July 3, 1949, over the years underwent some interventions that hid its original façade, so one of the first works carried out on the site was the restoration of the exterior, where they were once again left to the light the columns and the balcony that had been covered.

The work, which began in November 2022, has also included the demolition of the roof overlay and its waterproofing, as well as improvements to the doors, windows and floors of the different areas, according to a press release from the Presidential Commission.

Likewise, the intervention of approximately 15 laboratories was carried out to guarantee training, research and analysis. In addition, the administrative areas, bathrooms, and mop washers were recovered and the library was moved to the first floor.

The autopsy room was another of the improved areas. UV lights that sterilize, an extraction system and an oxygen generator were installed, while the bathrooms were adapted so that pathologists can comply with the correct safety and hygiene method.

The workers still continue to put the final touches on this part of the intervention and finish the adaptation of the amphitheater room, plumbing works, replacement of glass and painting of some spaces of the institute, which now shows off the original color range on its walls: white , blue and coral.

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