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Recovery plan for Parque Central in Caracas advances

Nahum Fernández reported that the Fire Substation in Parque Central and a dining room for the Corpocapital workforce were reopened

The Government of the Capital District (GDC) is advancing the work of the recovery and beautification plan for Parque Central in the San Agustín parish of Caracas, for the benefit of 1.250 families, AVN notes.

Citing the head of the GDC, Nahum Fernández, who published a report on his social network account X, it is indicated that people in worrying conditions have been rescued.

“We rescued 287 young people from bad lives and anti-values, so that they could be incorporated into the Gideon Work Brigades. Our teams are training these boys in maintenance tasks, in order to modernize and beautify the entire Central Park,” Fernández reported on the social network.

Likewise, the GDC teams are deployed in the apartments of the residential complex, with the aim of knowing their current situation, activating the work fronts for the rehabilitation of the homes, guaranteeing a better quality of life for the inhabitants of Parque Central.

We recovered 350 security cameras for the Parque Central towers – Fernández pointed out – while pointing out that thanks to the “Tinieblas 0” Plan, “we placed 12.000 luminaires and 18.000 meters of cable in the commercial area and common spaces, 3.000 lamps were recovered. And 4 conference rooms will be rehabilitated.”

Reopening of fire substation

On the other hand, the GDC reopened the Fire Substation in Parque Central and a dining room for the working force of the Corporation for the Construction and Management of Urban Developments in the Capital District (Corpocapital).

“The recovery work consisted of waterproofing the entire facility, intervention in the troops' and officers' bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen area, staff room, and telephone exchange. Office equipment and materials were also supplied,” Fernández pointed out.

Likewise, the Fire Substation was equipped with an ambulance, a multipurpose car and a tricycle, to attend to any emergency that may arise in the San Agustín, Santa Rosalía, San Bernardino and El Recreo parishes.

Simultaneously, GDC is recovering the El Valle and Caricuao headquarters.

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