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They served more than 800 people on a health day

Caracas residents received more than 1.421 services, including medications

The Vice Ministry of the People's Supreme Social Happiness (VMSFSP) organized a social and health day in the Valle-Coche parish in Caracas as part of the Great Mission of Equality and Social Justice Hugo Chávez.

During this activity, carried out at the Venezuela Planning School Foundation, located at the community's circle point, medical assistance was offered to 815 residents of the sector, of which 90 and 88 were in general and internal medicine, respectively. In pediatrics, 98 infants were treated, ophthalmology and optometry received 92 and 84 patients each.

Likewise, 45 women attended gynecology for routine check-ups, 15 in traumatology, 78 in dentistry, 46 in gastroenterology, 22 in physiatry, 16 oncology, 12 in psychiatry, 21 older adults in gerontology, another 42 people in pulmonology and 66 attended the laboratory for undergo tests for Chagas disease, hepatitis A, B and C.

Likewise, on said health day, Caracas residents received more than 1.421 services, with the delivery of 4.080 medications, technical aids and other services.

In addition, the José Gregorio Hernández Mission donated 7 technical aids represented by 4 canes with 1 and 4 points (2 of each), 2 wheelchairs and 1 walker. While the INASS delivered another 14, these being 11 packages of diapers, 1 tracking pad and another with 1 point, plus 1 anti-decubitus cushion. 

On this occasion, officials from the Office of the Presidency, the VMSFSP and its affiliated organizations such as FMNH, FMJGH, Conapdis, INASS, IDENNA, Fundación Niño Simón, among others, were present.

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