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Contingency plan activated to reduce risks in Caracas

The General Risk Staff was activated in each entity of the country to articulate the actions of the different levels of Government and popular power

From the Paseo Los Próceres in Caracas, the activation of the Contingency Plan was announced this Thursday to reduce risks before the arrival of the rainy season, both in the capital and in the rest of the country, since the first Tropical Wave is expected to arrive this weekend.

In this regard, the Vice Minister for Risk Management and Civil Protection, M/G Carlos Perez Ampueda He pointed out that the Government has a National Risk Management Plan that seeks to leverage comprehensive prevention in the people, reduce risks and have the capacity to respond to any event.

In this sense, he specified that the Executive has three fundamental strategies that are reflected in three national plans: National Plan for Attention to the rainy season; National Plan to address seismic events and a National Plan to address what has to do with forest fires.

Likewise, he recalled that President Nicolás Maduro announced the activation of the National Plan for Rain Response on May 6. It is a comprehensive plan that articulates the national, state and municipal levels of action, with all established emergency protocols, he indicated.

During his speech, Pérez Ampueda pointed out that the Risk General Staff is being activated in each entity in the country.

The Vice Minister explained that these are multidisciplinary tables that allow the municipalities to diagnose and evaluate the possible factors and threats, review the early warning systems and coordinate with the community.

Activated 24 hours a day

“We have been monitoring all these threats in Greater Caracas and this has allowed us to activate contingency plans, evacuation, emergencies, decent shelters and triage for emergencies. With this plan we will be activated 24 hours a day,” he indicated.

Likewise, he reported that in June they will deploy the Simón Bolívar Humanitarian Task Force, articulated with the 7Ts, "to quickly and immediately serve all regions, collection centers will be deployed in five regions."

Preventive work in Caracas

For her part, Carmen Meléndez highlighted the importance of being coupled to react to possible events.

In this sense, he highlighted the preventive work carried out since last January to prevent major incidents from occurring this year.

“We are prepared and that is what the plans are for with the governing body, the Ministry of Interior Relations, Justice and Peace, and with Inameh, which keeps us informed,” said Meléndez, who called for us to be attentive and alert in the event of any eventuality.

He emphasized that corporations and teams are on the streets 24 hours prepared and attending to the people's requirements.

Nahum Fernández, head of the Government of Caracas (GDC), called on popular conscience to contribute to the cleaning of pipes and streams in the city, avoiding throwing objects so as not to hinder the flow of water. Likewise, he recalled the importance of avoiding continuing to build in risk areas and urged us to remain vigilant and active, especially in vulnerable areas.

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