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56 preschoolers learned to consume and handle fish

The workshop is part of the Fish and its Flavors program carried out by the Ministry of Fisheries and Aquaculture in schools in Caracas.

Fifty-six children from the Victoria Gamus de Ghetea Initial Education Center, located in Catia in Caracas, learned about the importance of fish as food and at the same time were able to learn how this marine protein is manipulated and preserved.

The activity was part of the campaign undertaken by the Ministry of Fisheries and Aquaculture: “Fish and its flavors”, which seeks to educate the little ones in the house about the importance of consuming protein from seas, rivers and lakes.

The day, which began in this educational center and will be extended to other schools in the country, took place in two phases.

In the first part, the children received all the information about what marine species are; the different types of fish; What benefits does its consumption provide for your nutrition? and how to preserve them so that they can stay fresh and retain their flavor and texture.

The children also learned to eat fish and the importance of this protein being part of their diet and guaranteeing them a balanced and healthy diet.
The second part of the activity was aimed at putting into practice what was learned in theory.

The Minpesca program, The Itinerant Kitchen, which is activated on each of the days of the Cardumen Fair, Venezuela eats fish, was in charge of exercising what was learned.

The Kitchen School workshop allowed the kids to prepare dishes based on fresh fish themselves, with the guidance of the chefs of this program. Thus they learned about the flavors, smells and textures of various species of fish and other marine species.

This recreational workshop, which is aimed at pre-school boys and girls, showed the interest of these children in learning about the benefits of fish; In addition, the teachings were shared with their parents and representatives.

The little cooks tasted what they themselves prepared with their hands; having fun flaking fish, shucking shrimp or chopping fillets. It was a day of learning, knowledge and, above all, getting to know marine species up close.

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