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1,09 million tourists arrived in the country this first half of the year

Venezuela is the preferred destination of Russia, Poland, Iran, Cuba, Portugal and Colombia

The Minister of Tourism, Alí ​​Padrón, announced that this first half of 2024, 1,09 million tourists arrived in the country, which shows an increase compared to 2023, when 600.000 visitors arrived in the country.

Padrón highlighted that this is an indication that the figure for 2023 will be exceeded, when throughout last year, inbound tourism reached 1.256.000 visitors.

Padrón considers that this second semester will be favorable because the holiday season is coming and for the European market the months of November and December are attractive to visit the Caribbean and especially Venezuela.

The fact that Venezuela has become a sought-after destination for travelers from Russia, Poland, Colombia, Iran, Cuba and now Portugal stands out, with the opening of air connections with these countries that has increased by 38%, considering Venezuela. , among the three countries that showed the greatest percentage increase in their international connectivity in Latin America.

Minister Padrón points out that the incoming tourism market has been increasing its position in the last four years, despite the sanctions that generated an increase in ticket costs due to the increase in insurance, making the payment of tickets and insurance unviable. airlines stopped coming to Venezuela.

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