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Elvis, auction

It is 67 years since the meeting of John Lennon and Paul McCartney that started The Beatles. It was on July 6, 1957 when both musicians met to begin the era of those who would later be baptized as the darlings of Liverpool, and who came to change the musical history of the planet. This fact transcended beyond a simple musical union, since it marked a before and after of the rock music genre...

It is also marking 40 years since the premiere of the Venezuelan soap opera 'Topacio', starring Grecia Colmenares and Víctor Cámara. It was produced and broadcast in 1984 by RCTV in a color adaptation of the soap opera 'Esmeralda', by the Cuban writer Delia Fiallo, but broadcast by Venevisión in 1970. 'Topacio' received the Telegatto award in Italy in 1990. Grecia Colmenares, for For her part, she also received the nomination for best actress at the TP de Oro awards in Spain in 1991…

Unusual. Shoes from the late singer Elvis Presley were auctioned for $152. They were worn by the King of Rock and Roll in the 50s, both on and off stage. The famous pair of blue suede shoes were sold at auction, reaching the highest price in history for footwear and symbolize a crucial period in the rock star's life, as he received them after the success of his song 'Blue Suede Shoes', which was launched in March 1956…

The 2024 gaita season is starting to heat up and I have good news for all the capital groups. Hugo Rivas, musician and director of the group Institución Gaitera, has just inaugurated a rehearsal room without skimping on everything necessary to obtain the best results from a day's work. The studio is located in the Los Cedros Shopping Center and most importantly, at affordable prices. Congratulations.

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