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Bob and his fake 'No woman, no cry'

In our past delivery, we talk about the stormy side of Elvis Presley revealed by his ex-wife, Priscilla Beaulieu, in her autobiography 'Elvis and me', which was made into a film by director Sofía Coppola at the end of 2023.

However, her case reminded me of the book 'No Woman No Cry. My life with Bob Marley' (2004) by Rita Marley, wife of the late Jamaican singer.

Rita was born in Cuba, but when she was very little, her parents decided to settle in Jamaica. Following the couple's separation, Rita was taken into the care of an aunt, with whom she grew up in Trench Town, Kingston.

At 18, she became a mother to Sharon. However, her family prevented her from continuing the relationship with the father of her baby. After that, she stopped studying and started working as a nurse, although her true passion was always music.

Therefore, fifteen months after the birth of her daughter, Rita decided to audition, where she met Bob Marley. She tried to hide from him that she had a baby:

“An unmarried teenager who had a child was seen as shameful”, he writes in his autobiography.

But when Bob found out, he was very gracious. They fell in love and got married “impulsively” after Cedella Malcolm Marley, the singer's mother married to an American, sent her son a ticket to travel to the United States.

He traveled to Delaware, worked in a factory and in a hotel, and returned after 8 months. So, he went to live at Rita's aunt's house, where they improvised a vinyl sale for Bob's band.

Then they moved into the house Bob's father had given his mother in St. Ann's on Nine Mile, a place that didn't even have electricity. At that time, the singer only had one pair of underwear, which Rita washed every night. 

But Rita also started the violence there. Bob began to beat her brutally. The marks on her face and hands revealed it.

However, the couple had Cedella, their first daughter in 1967; David, alias “Ziggy,” was born the following year. By then, Bob moved again for work to the US, where he began flirting with other women.

The ups and downs in his music career caused him to return to Jamaica penniless.

Then, Rita, pregnant again (Stephen Marley), and out of necessity, traveled to the US to work as a maid.

Meanwhile, Bob in Jamaica wrote songs for her like “My Woman Is Gone”, “Baby” or “Come On Home”… but, at the same time, he got two other women pregnant.

With her autobiography it was learned that Rita's last pregnancy was the result of rape by Bob.

In the text, she claimed that Bob never took “no” for an answer, forcing her to have sex with him frequently, because being his wife, “It was his obligation to give her pleasure”.

Despite still being married, the singer stopped cohabiting with Rita when he became famous, moving to a mansion in Kingston, where he lived with various middle- or upper-class lovers. Rita took care of raising some of the children from those relationships.

“I carried my cross but I also believe it was about unconditional love. She didn't approve of what Bob was doing but she couldn't stop him. Most of them were not serious relationships and he used to say: 'A man must have enough women.' He knew that he could count on me, that I was not interested in glamour, fantasies or fame, that I would bring him back to reality because I had been at his side from the beginning.”

But, over time, Rita also got tired. Then, Bob, although he constantly appeared with other women, became even more possessive and violent, especially when Rita tried to maintain a romantic relationship with footballer Owen "Tacky" Stewart.

So, Rita rejected Bob but he insisted that “She was his wife and he wanted her.”

“Although we had agreed to be friends and I had put up with his womanizing nature well, I had to continue facing his possessive attitude toward me, which he never gave up.”Rita wrote.

When they traveled together as part of the band, he would check the phone bills in her room to see if she had spoken to Tacky. But, at the same time, he asked for separate rooms to be with his lovers.

“Tacky cared about me and that saved me, because the frustration and resentment that Bob's lifestyle caused me was killing me.”, Rita recalls in her autobiography.  

Bob even became involved with Miss World, Cindy Breakspeare, whom many describe as “the true love of his life.”

He spent a good part of his year of reign (1976) in London, living with her, in a relationship that would produce a child named Damian.

But, these were not Bob's only lovers or children out of wedlock. In total, he legally recognized 11 children, but both Rita and her lawyer claim he had at least 22.

Bob Marley is then the icon of love and peace, who beat and raped his wife, although she still defends him. Of course, the singer hated gays.

By: Jessica dos santos

Tell me your story, write it however you like, together we shape it and share it. In life, spreading the different forms of love is always necessary: lasultimasnoticiasdelamor@gmail.com

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