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An EPS innovates with dehydrated meats and fruit

Create your own procedures so that the Executive Farm is a model in this type of product

Álvaro Javier Suárez Sarmiento, a producer on land in the state of Lara and who directs Granja Executiva, a social production company (EPS), began planting passion fruit and sweet pepper, used largely for the production of products combined with goat milk, particular initiative in which it has been involved for seven years, as well as in the production of dehydrated foods for human and animal consumption.

“We were born in times of sanctions and pandemic and we have not rested. We have involved management in the field to maximize limited resources, since everything has been done at our own pace and from the generation of income from the same production,” he said about the origin of his experience.

This family production unit is located in the Las Playitas sector, Tamaca parish, Iribarren municipality, in Barquisimeto. He points out that “we still have a lot to achieve and we expect the support of the State to continue growing for the collective benefit, that is our essence.”

He explained that one of the strengths of the farm is that it is located in an optimal area for raising sheep and goats, with xeric and semi-arid characteristics typical of the geography located in the north of the Lara state. Additionally, he applies an “End to End” process approach. He assures that his company integrates, in turn, good agricultural practices, in just one hectare of production.

This family business applies an alternative dehydration-type conservation of products, as it has mesh belt dryers and hot air circulation ovens.

In the production of dehydrated products derived from sheep and goats, bones Snacks and Treats for pet consumption stand out. Regarding the snacks, he pointed out that they are foods of 100% animal origin, whose pieces are subjected to a drying process through dehydration, which is produced with hot air at a low temperature for a long time.

"The technique consists of eliminating all liquid (water) from the products while preserving a good part of the nutritional components that are used as rewards in animal training or in their daily diet due to their long-lasting, healthy and low-cost properties," he explained.

Regarding the process used to dehydrate sheep and goat meat, for human consumption, he revealed that the farm has stood out for the production of the product Pata e' grillo larense, achieved with the use of goat meat of local origin. He details that said product is made with goat and sheep meat. The main advantage of this innovative product (gourmet tatajo) is that it does not require refrigeration and, when finished, it is available to be consumed, and can also be prepared as a stew, adding only a little water and vegetables.

They produce a variety of dehydrated fruits, such as pineapple, coconut and banana; vegetables such as carrots, tomatoes, onions, sweet peppers and paprika; spices such as turmeric; variety of fresh goat's milk and smoked cheeses; and the preserved goat's milk sweets, also with pineapple, Venezuelan cocoa filled with almonds, passion fruit and coconut.
The also member of the Association of Dairy Goat Breeders (Asocabras) participated in the Barquisimeto International Sheep and Goat Fair that took place in May, organized by the Mayor's Office of the Iribarren municipality. They were integrated into the exhibition of animals and the marketing of their dehydrated products.

With respect to the Local Supply and Production Councils (Clap), Suárez Sarmiento announced the disposition and approach with the authorities of the Food portfolio, to whom they presented the dehydrated meat ready to eat and that does not need refrigeration.


  • For 7 years, the Executive Farm has been producing products combined with goat milk.
  • In 1 hectare they apply the End to End principle for the sheep and goat production process.
  • 100% animal are the dehydrated products that they offer as pet food.

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